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Sayaka Miki, a character from Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica. She is a character of principles, moral, and justice; a stereotypical heroine. However, she is not the main character, she is the best friend, a secondary character, a mere tragedy to push the main character into action. Thus, she chose to redefine her self as a method of denial. It is her arrogance that cause her to fall to her demise. Thus, making her the tragic magical girl.

The root of her problems is the very wish she made to become a magical girl: restoring Kamijou’s hands. Although a selfless wish on the surface, it really has to be selfish. Not only did she ignore Mami’s warning, she did not thought through her wish thoroughly enough. In order for her wish to be considered a truly selfless act Sayaka must be willing to accept the consequences, not so much being aware of them. It is because of her vague understanding of the gravity of her wish that she is forced to deny all allegations of the sort when confronted by Kyouko and become arrogant. Being innocent, Sayaka took it upon herself to become the advocat of justice despite not being credible, which makes her overly righteous to the point it was almost sickening to watch her. For example, when Kyouko explains to Sayaka there has to be a balance of happiness and despair, Sayaka chose to ignore her invaluable words because she could not be trusted (represented by the declining the stolen apple). Yet, Sayaka herself is a hypocrite, saying she will protect those with no gratification, when she initially made her wish hoping she would recieve Kamijou’s gratitude. Another example is when Homura tries to put an end to Sayaka’s foolish rampage of witch hunts: instead of taking the grief seed, she tosses it because it was an action indirectly meant to protect Madoka rather than purely being focused on Sayaka. In these context, Sayaka’s righteous parade could be seen as a mere act to get people to notice her because her unrequited love doesn’t (mainly because she wouldn’t allow him to after discovering her physical condition.) Sayaka may also feel shadowed by Madoka. As the secondary character, it was hammered down onto her by her fellow magical girls, and kyubey that she is not the strongest; Madoka held unimaginable amount of power and could do greater things. So it is reasonable to view her actions as arrogant. It is because of her arrogance despite being a hypocrite that degraded her sanity. All of this is proportional to her deteriorating relationship with Kamijou. When she finally comes to the conclusion that not everything is rainbow and sunshine is when she falls into true despair and turns into a witch. By the end of episode eight, she has come to a full understanding of what it meant to be selfless: saving countless of lives won’t always bring you satisfaction. Of course, this comes too late when she has already made the wish to heal Kamijou’s hands. Perhaps if she had known she would have not chosen to become a magical girl, perhaps if she had known she would have found another purpose, perhaps if she had known she would have been happier; yet, she did not and the regret from her despair allowed her to see just how truly she was a fool.

This disasterous (yet predictable) fall due to her faults that makes her the tragic heroine of Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica.


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