Happy Birthday [Preview]

March 22, 2011 § Leave a comment

Yuki stood at the entrance of the music building. Once seeing Kino finally coming down from the piano studio and their eyes met, he chuckled and continued watching her rush over.
“I’ll carry your things.”
He held his hand outstretched, hopefully to prompt Kino with some sort of surprised reaction.

Kino slowed down her steps till her feet came to a halt just before Yuki. She gripped her tote bag tightly in her dry hands, her cheeks puffing in and out. She was reluctant to hand over her belongings to him. It was rare of him to offer; rare of her to see just him. She’s grown accustomed to her rather large circle of friends that it was nerve wracking when it was just the two of them.

Technically I have most of this chapter written up because its short, but I felt like it could flow a bit better so I’m still working through it over again. Originally I was gonna write Kino’s day and interactions with her expanding world, but I deciced to keep it simple since that involve me introducing a gajillion random characters.

To give everyone a sense of timeline, this is set when they are in grade 11. By this time, Yuki has already realized he loves Kino but he has some conflicting issues. Kino is still crushing on Eric and this won’t change until the Grandia Ball Gala whatever chapter.


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