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I had another bizzare dream last night, and I think I should start transcribing them just for shits and giggles. So here I go.

So the premises of this dream is that humanity is faced with a doom virus. I am the priestess, and join a party of heros! There is the useless normal guy who I don’t recall what he looked like; Jennifer Garner the cop; Hayley from Paramore as my arch rival priestess; person with Sea in their name who was a river. In my dream we refered to him as only river, but I think we meant river spirit. Sea’s job was to wash away the cop of her evil something something along those lines. So they had a little fight. Then that was over and I was supposed to go into a chamber and pray to the witch to save the world or grant me power. The conversation went “What would you do with power?” “I’d heal everyone and save the world!” “DENIED!” “What? What? No…Come back! Wait! NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!” Then I’m crying and the useless guy lets me use his shirt as a hankerchief. I think we were hugging…but I can only recall the hankerchief part clearly. Finally my arch rival priestess Hayley from Paramore starts singing Decoded, Careful, and You are the Only Exception and I wake up with paramore in my head.


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