Dream: Another Adventure a Year Ago

June 23, 2011 § Leave a comment

I was at band practice and I saw a recognizable face that shouldn’t have been there. My eyes peeled of the outline with lingering feelings as residue. I refocused onto Bobby Flay on the TV in the corner of the plane cabin. Yes, I had boarded a plane to go to California instead of going to that tutorial, the boring lecture, some epic dodgeball game, the already arranged BBQ party…I left it all to go to California, on an adventure. Then it hit me. I forgot to book a hotel for the night! I got up and rushed out of the plane cabin and into my bedroom to search it up on the internet. But of course there was no internet connection through the ethernet cable on a plane! How could I be so stupid? The exact same thing happened to me a year ago when I went to London! Then I realized that if I book a hotel, I couldn’t buy a return ticket. I sat back down trying to sleep my worries away. As the chairs swivelled, I saw that face. Why couldn’t I sit next to the person? The better questions was why was he there?! I felt my excitement fade away…


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