Dream: I’m Dr. House

June 23, 2011 § Leave a comment

I had this dream earlier this week while napping. But it was basically a typical House episode, with me sitting in his brain watching.

For some strange reason, House’s apartment blew up in flames the last episode. So, we are now staying at the private investigators apartment. Now, for some reason the apartment had an office space connected to it and it was vacated by an optometrist. Patients would come and go, then THE patient came. It was a normal check up, but then he returns (after initially leaving the check up) screaming he’s blind and doesn’t know what’s going on. Now, Dr. House is thinking he doesn’t really care about this patient and he doesn’t want to meddle because he knew what the problem was! He knew the optometrist was EVIL and did something to the patient to mess with his eyes. Then for an even stranger reason, House couldn’t pee or see. Very strange indeed. But because House has an ego the size of a football field, he goes on pretending he has none of these problems. He was pretty good actually. Since he memorized the layout of the place, all he needed to do was use his cane to whack things out of his way. I was complaining about how the view was really blurry. Now there was an episode where he couldn’t pee and he tried to shove a tube up his penis, so he tried that this time. Then the optometrist and the private investigator rudely interrupts because the one thing House couldn’t find while blind (a.k.a he forgot) was to lock the door. Anyway, so now he is pissed so he yells and shouts and tells the optometrist that it was his fault that people are going blind and Dr. House is going to fix it just because he’s pissed.


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