Ao no Exorcist Original Soundtrack

July 2, 2011 § Leave a comment

This soundtrack is eargasmic selection of well composed tracks from the Ao no Exorcist anime. It has great variation ranging from Indian-beat electric rock to a number of heartwarming orchestral ballads. The soundtrack is categorized to five sections: Exorcist Concerto, Symphonic Suite DEVIL, AOE suite, Symphonic Poem GeHeNa, Assiah Fantasia. Although you would expect these to be of Traditional classical music descent because of the names, there’s really much more fusion going on. There was one track that reminded me a lot of the music from Inception. It had the precussive motif and the moving strings to create the air of a heist scene.

Now, the real highlight of this soundtrack is the instrumentation. I have a feeling a lot the interesting ones of it are Idian musical instruments. I mean…There is a fucking accordian solo in the gypsy funk techno rave track (that’s what I like to call it. It’s my favourite track of the OST.) That’s gotta be badass.

My favourite track is from the AOE Suite: AOE Suite Fourth Movement AI

I like how it establishes this stellar lullaby like melody. The orgel music box used to introduce the two melodic themes is great in that sense. I like the subtle build it develops and the way it ends…the slowing down of the music box was just perfect. For some reason, I get the feeling that the melody is similar to a previous track in the soundtrack (Symphonic Suite DEVIL second movement i-AM.) Which I think displays a good sense of melodic motifs similar to Kingdom Hearts but not of that calibur.


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