Dream: Alien Invasion

July 4, 2011 § Leave a comment

It started off with an inaccurate renactment of the Gundam SEED Destiny episode where Athrun flees ZAFT with Meyrin. Then wind up in the midst of an oncoming alien invasion similar to Gundam 00. These aliens would teleport and kidnap people somehow. They would be able to locate where you are by an alien bacteria that looks like ants. These ant-alien bacteria mysteriously wound up in the food being served at a family’s BBQ. It turns out that the source of these bactera was a local supermarket. As soon as the FBI discovered this, a worldwide human evacuation was announced and everyone had to move to militarized camps.

It was a mad dash rush for everyone to leave before the Aliens arrived. The official personel told me I couldn’t bring my cat because it may have the ant-alien bacteria on it. I told him I would wash him because I wasn’t leavng him behind. Everyone told me it was stupid cause the Aliens could teleport any minute. Well screw them. I hid myself in the washroom, prancing about as quietly as possible while washing the cat who turned into a panda as soon as I took it out of the water. Surprisingly enough, when I wiped him down with the towel, he was all dry!

Those who were infected by the ant-alien bacteria were put into quarantine and strapped to a medical bed. Many of the individuals looked perfectly normal and were all resisting to be tested or freaking out because the person next to them would develop abnormal mutations such as large boils and spontaneously skin ruptures.

Conscription (is that what was called?) was in placed. Any able bodied males were called to join the army. Even though I was a female, I was somehow enlisted into the army. I tried to voice my complaint. I was a nervous wreck and wouldn’t have been able to do shit. But the commander said that the captains were very good coaches and that I would be fine. Yeah, right.

After a couple months of battling and the failed completion of building a Gundam, we resorted to nuking the Aliens. The only problem was that the estimated amount of nukes needed to destroy them would also severly damage, if not, destroy the planet. With nothing to lose, we launched the rockets and bid sayonara to them and the world.


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