Dream: The Other Child

September 22, 2011 § Leave a comment

“Celty, what are you doing here?” The headless rider from DRRR! tosses me the keys to the strange automobile. The insides resembled a cockpit and the exterior seemed to be built on a motorcycle; a Rideback with a hood essentially…”Get in, you’ll need to learn how to drive this.” She could speak? Must be telepathy. So I hopped into a set of nice wheels. The door propped open from the top and closed with voice command…well everything could have been done with voice command. It was fast and smooth like gliding or swimming.
“This is a nice set of wheels. Developed by the military right? Oh–” It was then did the cops come. Of course, this piece of technology was something an ordinary civilian should have. “Know if we got any weapons Celty?” There was fighting while I was being directed to an elevator. The two of us descended to the the organization that organized all this: NERV. I was in a briefing room with Asuka and Mari. I was being introduced as a new pilot of the motorcycle thing I was riding. Apparently, they thought of making the Eva unit more transportable by transforming it to disguise as a really nice sports vehicle.
“So what is your opinion of Shinji?”
“He’s an idiot isn’t he?”
“You’re good!”
Was the short conversation I had with Asuka before the angel appeared. The sirens were ringing and I had to be dispatched right away so I could back up Rei. Celty and I were put into an elevator to be lifted back up to the surface.

Outside, the monster that looked like a giant starfish with fangs stomped through the city. The citizens didn’t seem to notice until the tsunami came crashing down on them. The water even reached the large observation patio of this corporate building. Tourist and important business men were being washed away as the building shook. Everyone was drowning. I needed to save them. But then when I jumped out of the cockpit and landed in the water, I realized that it was turning into ice. Those children crying were drowning, will I make it?

Suddenly, another monster showed itself…it was a complete mutated copy of Eva 01 with boils and crust distinguishing it from the real thing.
“Where is Shinji?”
“Still being useless…”
“Asuka, you take care of it!”
I could see Celty reaching out from the vehicle telling me to hurry up before the water froze over…

Back at the headquarters after the battle, the briefing was wild and loud. I felt like I was done for since I failed to perform as a backup. But how were we supposed to fight with one Angel, and two Eva suit look alikes (Eva 02 wannabe showed up after or so my memory in the dream had recalled.)
“That was dispicable.”
“Give her a break, she’s new.”
“I will do better next time.”
“I’m not talking about her, I’m talking about that useless twat who locked himself in his room.”
“Ok, we heard you Asuka. Anything else?”
For some reason, I knew I had to speak up and I was angry at that exact moment when I was calmly sitting in my chair just two seconds ago.”
“Wtf was up with that other thing? That wasn’t an Angel! It was a fucking Eva suit Misato…a fucking suit! Even my EVA 02 was copied!”
“We’re still looking it up. For now, prepare for a counterattack.They’ll be returning soon.”
“Bullshit!” I yelled storming out of the room wondering why I was given the keys.


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