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Kim Kardashian getting divorced in 72 days is a good reminder of how marriage is so sacred and deserving of protection from gay people.


心壊サミット [Preview]

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“I’m sorry I’m not Lily.”

“Why are you bringing her up?”

“Cause the two of you are an item.”

“Sheesh Kino! I’m told you, give it a rest and answer my question.”

Yuki knew that he had to tell her. He knew Kino was completely wrong. But that meant telling her how he truly felt, and he didn’t have the confidence; especially, in front of Eric. He didn’t think he was ready to fully bear the responsibilities when he couldn’t even keep up with Kino half the time. Now frustrated with himself, he tried to control his heart from messing with his head, to no avail.

Dream: Is this torture?

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I had to move out apparently. So I went out to the docks to get on the ferry to Bayview Village. For some reason, the ferry wasn’t running that day, as there was a social party on the boat’s deck. I looked around at the suits and ties then sighed before asking for a ticket for the next day at 10 in the morning. When I returned, my roommate was freaking out about some Work Committee and how they wanted proof that someone puked on her invoice. She was busy pouring soya sauce over a bunch of letters. For some reason the apartment looked more like a hotel room or a lodge than how it usually is in reality. I packed my things and left the house without saying another word to my roommates. As the ferry was leaving port, we were ambushed by the police and was taken to wizard court.

The courthouse was in an alternate dimension inside the Sistine Chapel. The roof was made out of windows and displayed a beautiful panoramic view of the constellations; candles that light the room bright floated high above. As I entered the room, golden butterflies transformed me into Beatrice from Umineko. I pressed the fan against my lips and giggled at the sight of the young wizard standing in the center of the circular hall.

The judge cursed him with mushrooms and thus begun his descending cycle to insanity. Colours flashed, and the world of a kaleidoscope plagued his eyes. Each time the boy spoke, a blade would ram into him. First his bottom; then through the palms of his hands; and then his face over and over again. The only thing he could ask “is this torture?” His brain had already melted from the pain, that he couldn’t stop talking. The colours were the only think left to amuse him like how his pathetic state amused me greatly.

That’s when the griffons were summoned to crash through the walls of the dimension. I jumped on to it’s back, grabbing the kid with me. His friends thanked me for retrieving his body, but he has drowned in his trance. I knew this would happen so I told the little brats: “if you get me to my sister’s house and retrieve my powers, I can save him if that is your desire.” They agreed without second thought. Until my powers returned, I resorted to technology and their weak knowledge. Until my powers return…


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Do all of you live in a bubble or something? Promises are only a reassurance! That’s their job; and like all jobs, they have a boss! Sure promises were made, but you can’t possible expect them to keep them when there’s someone above them making all the decisions. So, now you all feel entitled to an apology? Excuse me, but if everything could be solved with a simple “I’m sorry” we would not need justice and we wouldn’t need to hide our wives and hide our kids! A good example would be in Hana Yori Dango: the main male character tells the girl to wait for him and promises he’ll come back…THEN WUT?! How ridiculous can you get, getting all hot and bothered like that over the only display of selfish behaviour I have ever seen! This isn’t about how you feel anymore, it’s about his own life. How can being apart of two music groups outweight being in a group and doing solo activities and justify labels such as traitor? They are the same things; both relating to a personal career choice. You treat these people as if they’re your boyfriends, in fact half of us probably never met the likes of them and never will. So, where do you get off? You know what, you’re the traitor if you don’t even realize how long the group has been together and how the two of them could very well have left 5 or so years ago along with the other three. You can be sad, I am sad to; you can choose not to support, I don’t plan on picking up another band to stalk either; you don’t have to outright disrespect the two or the agency! Nobody needs that shit.

Haters go home and hate (or turn on your vibrators so I hear noise instead.) The world would be a much happier place without you.


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See to it that you drown yourself in optimism in all circumstances for you are “the guy who laughs at a funeral”.

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