Dream: Death, the Phenomena

November 1, 2011 § Leave a comment

Basically, a serial killer stalked me and killed everyone around on site. Pretty epic. He was a rapist too. Raped anything as long as it was a hole. Doctor thought he could find a way to track him down through the perscribed viagra pills but then bam, raped and knifed. DEATH IS THE ONLY ESCAPE!

This is why I’m a fucking terrorist! So I know who’s making a bomb in my house! Thank God I learned how to cut people open.

Oh, but at first I was dreaming about the land before time except with the cast from Toradora and Reborn. There was some crazy sacred tree forest (think Avatar) and if the dead tree starts growing leaves, shit happens. So then we fucked over and killed all the budding leaves, and brought the dead tree to life. We thought that if we made the budding leaves grow back again, shit would be cool. So now everything was green but then becuase there was snow on the ground, all the plants around the dead tree died again. Derp. That’s whe the killing started. Everyone getting their own death scene Sailor Moon Season 1 style. Taiga (Sailor Mars of the group) and Ryuuji manage to escape into the dead tree jungle and they were trying to go to the core to kill it, but then they fall into the lake.

Then at the very end, we’ve got Yuki coming in trying to be heroic and telling Kino it will all end when she–herp derp I woke up.


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