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November 27- It was his birthday. Yuki looked into the mirror and stared at his reflection. His thoughts were in mid dialogue with himself. The big item on his agenda today was attending his birthday party hosted by his family’s corporation. Normally he wouldn’t have been able to see Kino at these types of events. So his anxiety intensified when he heard she would be performing as the salon pianist at the reception. How giddy he was, the maids and butlers truly thought it was the first time he was joyous about his birthday. It lifted everyone’s spirits.

Eric stood behind Kino who cheerfully played melodies one after another in the large hall while decor staffs were changing curtains, table cloths, and seat covers.
His arms were crossed so that her songs did not move him. He was pleased at the results, having been the one who made her appearance in such a setting possible. He almost wanted Yuki to call him a wizard. But that would be pushing it given their current relationship was on rocky ground. He didn’t mind because it was according to plan.

Kino was chirpy; she was ecstatic that she could play on Yuki’s birthday. She ensured that her playlist for the night was to perfection with this rehearsal on the very piano she will be partnering up with. Music: a suitable gift, since he was the one who told her to pursue her dream.

“Sounds good.”

“Mmm!” she nodded in agreement.

“It’s almost noon. Shall we have lunch?”


Eric passed her a sandwich before sitting next to her and devouring his own.

“I was worried this whole friend thing wasn’t gonna work out, but I’m liking the set up.”

Honest! Eric did enjoy the atmosphere now. The only friends he’s had were what Kino would have called superficial. He was pleasantly surprised to learn what a real friendship was from what he thought was a simple girl who had a crush on him.

Kino laughed at the comment. Oh the irony. She felt like two months ago was a long time because it’s really has only been two months since then.

“I’ve got a confession.”

“Little bit late now. Don’t you think?”

“Not of that kind. Neh, Eric. This might sound strange but, you remind me of my father. Ha, you think it’s silly…Maybe it was your looks; your guiding presence; endearing mannerism. After that night, I think I understood: you were this convoluted entity; the identity of this illusion that I admired for the past couple of years was my father.”
Kino took a good look at Eric when she made her comment. Yes, she was not wrong. The two were very similar. Her father had more fidelity though.

“You’d call that an Electra Complex…Heh, I’m quite flattered Kino. So, what about Yuki then? Don’t turn away from me. Your ears are giving you away. I know the two of you have been in a state of friendship for almost half your lives. You probably know him so well that he stands out. Am I right?”

“Yuki…yes, we’re just friends. It’s only natural…I don’t really get what you’re trying to ask.”

Eric sighed. Kino really was enigmatic and he wanted to know how far her water’s reached. But, he didn’t want to directly ask a girl if she liked someone. Especially since it has not been that long since their own incident had happened.

“I don’t want to be selfish. So, as long as Yuki is happy, I don’t mind (regretting). Besides, it’s not like anything will change. I’m not going to sacrifice all my hard work and throw a hissy fit just because he’s giving the cold shoulder. That would be retarded. We’re friends. I have confidence that things will work out.”

“And you haven’t sold me. You’r eloquence does nothing. You may be able to sell Mayu and Nadako twisted mental strength as selflessness, but I’m not as nice of a friend as they are or Yuki. Don’t you think you’re misleading yourself, Kino? I’d hate to see you implode because I have seen it happen many times before. You know…”

“…with your experience as a playboy. Let me ask you…if you’re a playboy, then why are you being so particular with me then? Is it because I’m the loner type?”

“Dotting, you? Maybe. Can I not be intrigued by your peculiarities or is that solely Yuki’s job? I see, so there’s a limit as to how much I’m supposed to care? You’re trying to change the subject aren’t you?”

“And so what if I am? I’d like to think I’m still confident in myself to make my own decisions. I’d like think things are still worth trying. At the very least, I don’t want our friendship to fall apart because I am being selfish.”

“Ha, what is this? Got bored causing trouble? You’re think it’s just another troublesome task, a burden. You’re underestimating the situation. I want to call you a coward. It’s really bizarre: solitude versus lonliness.”

“I never try to cause trouble…I hope not. I just…it’s the right thing to do.“
Kino was bothered by Eric’s comments. She knew he was being honest, so she took those words to heart. She knew what Eric was trying to imply and it just kept making her feel sick.

Yuki loosened his white tie so he could breath as he walked through the conference area, away from the majestic hotel foyer. He had hoped he would not get caught wandering around but then the elevator doors opened.
“My boy! Happy Birthday. You’re 18 now. I must say, you’ve aged quite nicely over the years.”
“Thank you for the compliments Sir Odin.”
“I can’t help but worry about you youngin’s turning old like me, haha! So I hear the Bloomsbury girl is to attend tonight. That’s been the gossip going around in the family. Jesus, adults these days…meddling in youth. It makes me feel 10 years older when you act all stiff with me.That girl’s parents…very difficult to persuade. It’s a miracle the CEO announced dropping the idea of partnering together. Yet, they still want you boy. She must really have a thing for you!”
Yuki sighed at the obvious, “I’m well aware.”
“Well as I always say, treat woman like fine wine and they will linger. This is why you always smell your wine before tasting.”
“I’ll keep that in mind. Thank you for the advice,” Yuki said sarcastically. Not really taking anything his uncle says seriously. He checked his watched underneath his shirt sleeve, hoping his timing isn’t too off.
“Sorry, I must be on my way.”
“Where on Earth are you headed? Most of the guests will be here any minute now.”
“I wish to give my gratitude to the pianist before the reception starts.”
Yuki knew that as soon as the first guest stepped through the door, he would have to greet and mingle. There just wouldn’t be enough time to take a couple of minutes to chat with Kino. He didn’t want to appear to obvious of his intentions to his uncle so he continued, “It just doesn’t feel right if I don’t personally thank the individuals. Plus, sometimes they leave right after they’re done so…”
“Now you’re just rambling like you’re making up an excuse or something haha! You should say hi to the chefs while you’re at it. Just don’t be late ok?”
Yuki thanked God and his uncle for not being suspicious before he paced down the corridor and opened the door.

Kino’s neck snapped back to see Yuki. She stood up, letting her black dress fall and hang on her body. A vast variety of expressions raced across her face from surprise, to joy, to mid-thought, and finally embarrassment. Her arms both rose up: one of her hand reached to the back of her neck and her other was held out in front in defence. Her eyes quickly looked from left and right before deciding that as long as they weren’t focused on Yuki, it would be ok.

“You look really cute in a dress you know?”

“S-Sh-Shut up! I don’t like wearing them.”

“How about, if I said you were beautiful, would you wear a dress for me every day?”

“I’m only doing this because it’s your birthday and because I was partly forced to by Mayu.”

“Awww~ But you really do look outstanding; I can’t even keep my eyes off you. Sorry, I guess you don’t enjoy being complimented.”

“Being complimented is one thing, being teased is another,” she hissed back.

“Oh ouch! That really hurts. I meant everything I said Kino, so maybe you should be a little more accepting at the fact that dresses look good on you.”

“I just said I don’t like wearing them! You better stop teasing me if you want your birthday present.”

“Ooo, you always give me the best birthday presents,“ he said with a grin, leaning in towards her face.

“Really now? I can’t tell if you’re being flirtatious or being sarcastic. But you know both are equally making me just a LITTLE bit irritated with you.”

Yuki took a step back, put his hands in his pocket and closed his eyes, before opening them again to reveal a serious yet calm expression.
“I guess I’m teasing you too much today.”

Kino couldn’t shake the feeling that he was one year older today. It felt like he hasn’t changed at all since they first met. Right from day one Yuki butt his way into her business and now he’s taking the liberty of being charming with her when he already had Lily. Even before, he knew she was crushing on Eric; that didn’t stop him. It made her mood rotten just thinking about it.
Kino sighed, “it’s fine, you do it every day, I’m used to it by now,” she said, turning around to face him and held the bag with panda cartoons all over it in front of his face, “Happy Birthday.”

Yuki blinked at the sight of two giant black eyes were staring at him until he took the bag from her hands.

“You can open it…” She said, anxious for him to open her present. Her cheeks turned a slight shade of pink.
“Thank you.”

Yuki slowly pulled out the tissue paper and the package within the bag. He then unwrapped the wrapping paper with such care that the tape didn’t even lift the print off, and the paper didn’t rip. Slowly, underneath revealed a panda plushie. As he looked at it closely he could see some of the thread sticking out of the seams, and the deformity of the circular head, the unevenness in stuffing, and the different sized buttons used as eyes.
“Did you make this? It’s so cute, aren’t you little guy? Oh what’s that you say? Kino’s prettier? I agree, but we can’t tell her that or else she’ll get mad.”

Kino watched him try to converse with the panda, and move its arms around and soon she couldn’t help but laugh, and smile.

“You’re such a dork.”

The smile jerked his heart a bit. His heartbeat beated faster. Her laugh echoed in his ears as if he was listening to the voice of an angel. He shook his head at the ridiculous thought.
“She really is pretty right Mr. panda? Thank you very much for the present. Your smile is the best present. I’m really glad you came. Thank you.”
Yuki‘s tongue was just about ready to continue on with the words he had to say. But, the moment he needed courage, he became sheepish. The cat got his tongue.

Kino blushed in confusion. For all she knew it was another one of his sarcastic comments used to tease her. Kino looked down at the ground. Her head spun: why was she blushing so easily; why is her heart pumping so fast? Just one comment from him, and her heart would start racing. Even when he smiled, she would feel warm and fuzzy inside. Oh! How she wished he was just being a dick.
Oblivious, she denied her heart’s feelings and she slowly started the walk away. “It’s getting late. I should get going.”

It was the end of Kino’s shift. For some reason, she felt disappointed. The image of Lily and Yuki dancing to her music burned into the back of her skull so that she’d see after images. She saw Eric in the corner and he saluted her for a job well down. But she must have grown an immunity to his charm. The bandage just didn’t work anymore. She then walked over to the water station in the back corner behind a couple of plants and chugged a cool glass of water before being approached by a man.

“Excellent job Ms…”
“Kino Pavane.”
She looked down at his hand and shook it, putting on an air of professionalism.
“The name’s Kaji.”
Kino immediately associated him to the cousin Yuki spoke highly of.
“I give you my regards. That was some lovely playing just now.”
“Thank you very much.”

“Unfortunately the birthday boy doesn’t have much patience for things like music. So that was from the two of us.”
Kino catches a glimpse of Yuki and Lily and sighs for his placid expression. Kaji noticed her attention steer amid. He stood beside her to get a better view.
“Yuki, he knows how to get the girls. He’s had 20 marriage proposals in the last 2 years; can’t even count the number of meetings he must have had, and Lily Bloomsbury…”

“How does this pertain to me?”

Kino looked at Kaji through the corner of her eyes. Kaji raised his hand up and pointed out to bring Kino’s attention to Yuki who was chatting with another female. Yeah, totally ignoring her question.
Kino walked away to put her glass down in the discard bin in a separate hallway away from the main hall. She wanted the conversation to end but, Kaji merely followed.
“You’ve had your eye on him didn’t you? I know girls. They like to stare and admire. Then they get crushed with jealousy.”

“I think you’re mistaken. We’re just friends.”
“Oh really now? That makes things perfect then.”

Kaji leaned down and whispered into her ears: “How about we get together tonight? I’ll show you what a real man is.”

“No thanks!”

Kino’s frustration began to build as she noticed how different Yuki acts towards other people. Was he trying to hide himself from her? Kaji was just another pest.
“Oh come on! Why not? Think about it, you could make him jealous and he’ll come running back to you, begging on his knees.”

“He has no reason to behave like that.”

“But, that’s the kind of weak kid he is. Hey hey. I know, you must be a nice kind of gal. But I’ll tell you, bitches go a long way. Kiss him goodbye, watch him cry in pain.”
“Now Kaji! You know how I don’t like it when you make fun of Yuki like that. Besides, Kino wouldn’t do something like that. She’s selfless like that, always looking out for everyone’s best interest. Besides, that would be inappropriate of her to do something so disgusting as to punish Yuki when he has no reason to chase after her. Right Kino?”
Then Lily appeared also putting her empty glass down. Kino didn’t know why she had come all the way here when there were servers willing to take the glass from her if she so kindly asked. Lily gave her a smugged confident look and it was almost revolting. Lily was right though wasn’t she? Kino wasn’t going to start being a spoiled bitch just because she’s a little disappointed. Just like a fool, she played into Lily’s intimidation. Here comes the rage:
“Well, then I’ll keep it a secret then. How about it Ms. Pavane?”“I’d…I’D NEVER—Who do you think you are getting off trying to pick me up by dissing my friend? Does it look like I’m out to make him my slave? Does it look like I care if he’s the man you describe him to be? That has got nothing to do with me! I can’t believe he looked up to you. Yuki is his own person, and if you have a problem with him taking your girls, ask him to share some of them with you. I’m not his babysitter. Besides, we’re not like that! Like Lily says…There’s no reason for him to beg and cry to me. He doesn’t care (about me.)”
The bitter “truth” Kino spoke hurt like a knife blade sliding into her flesh. Was this jealousy?
“Not that kind of person” Ha! You don’t know him then. He probably tricked you into coming here with money or something. I’m doing you a favour because I’m a horny bastard. Pavane was it? Give it up missy. You’re family was full of failures. He’s out of your league. You really need to chill woman.”

Eric lingered in the main hall, associating himself with important guests. To him, Kino was performing as flawlessly as ever. But, what caught his attention was the sight of Lily. She was just chatting away like the clingy eyesore she was (he thanked the Gods she wasn’t one of his rabid fans.) Yuki at this stage was no more than a blundering idiot (ah, what happened to the competitive side of him?) So he knew where to focus. He knew Lily’s type, and was extra cautious of her actions.
When he lost his eye on Kino, he knew instantly something was wrong. Call it fatherly instincts. He frantically scanned the entire hall, every single head, and pair of iris until he spotted Lily go off behind a corner close to the piano. There. Eric saw her draw her fists and was quick to restrain her arm before she acted on impulse. If he was any later, Kaji would have bent Kino in half when she nearly assaulted him.
All he had to hear was the last sentence for him to have known she would jump. He knew how Kino must have felt because he’s done the same to so many women before her. He wanted to just let her loose and demolish him in his shock. It would have been like watching himself getting beaten up by her. He deserved it anyway.

With her arms restrained, she gave a good hard kick at Kaji’s shin with her heels before storming down the hallway to the patio. How dare he—even Eric was a better smooth talker. But what tormented her was the fact that Lily of all people had to step in and back her up. Regardless, she had to keep it together for Yuki’s sake.

Lily nodded to Eric cheerfully as if nothing happened. Eric simply ignored her and followed after Kino. As soon as they turned around multiple bends and they were far enough for anyone to be around, he took his jacket off and offered it to her.
“You can hide (your tears) if you want.”
But when she simply looked at him confused, he didn’t see a single sparkle. Of course how stupid of him! She’d never cry regardless if she was alone. So much for his act of chivalry.

“Thanks, but I don’t need it. Wanna go outside for a bit?”

Kino was starting to feel nauseous. From right to left, all she could think about was that image of Lily dancing with Yuki. She’s decided to admit to her subconscious, but so what? There was no meaning to it all.

“You can’t keep lying like this. I know you hate causing trouble, but don’t you think you’re making the situation worst?”

“Lily doesn’t have a problem with it.”

“I mean for you! If it makes you feel any better, you can blame me for—“

“What are you talking about? There is no one to blame but myself. Blaming people is not gonna change facts.”

“Kino, you’re not in grade school anymore. You’re not as strong of a girl as you think you are. You are not who you are trying to make everyone believe you are. No, you’re wrong and I am right. Don’t tell me to shut up. Get a grip. You love him don’t you? You’ve always loved him. You were so scared that out of sheer willpower, you managed to delude yourself into believing you loved me instead. Kino, why are you doing this? Just fucking tell him will you?”
Eric knew how hard it would be for her to understand his words. He knew how hard that was going to be for her to actually do anything. Especially with her current mindset and the way that bastard is acting. If Eric could, he wouldn’t have mind continued to pretend with Kino. But, he wanted to believe that this was the best for her.

“And what will that do?! ‘I’m lonely Yuki. I’m sad Yuki.’ What’s that gonna do? Nothing. You’re a guy. Girls say those things all the time and all you did was just sit and comfort them. You think that’s good enough? It is never good enough! I don’t understand. I’m sitting here right next to you and I have good friends, but I’m just not satisfied with it unless Yuki was in the picture. I’m just never satisfied! Don’t you see Eric? Even if I’m complaining, will I get what I want? To hell no!”

“Now you’re just being selfish.”
No shit Sherlock, he thought quickly realizing what he just said was a mistake. It only led Kino on.

“And it’s disgusting, utterly repulsive of me. I already knew that; that’s why I try to fix it. Complaining will just ruin everything I’ve done. I’ll settle for my circle of friends. I’ll settle for being able to be friends with him than not be friends with him at all. I’ll settle for anything as long as everything goes back to the way it was!”

Yuki grew restless now that the guests had finally stopped focusing their attention on him. He walked out to the hallway to place his dishes down and didn’t notice Lily and Kaji where there conversing. But when Lily came up to him, he simple ignored her and kept going (man everyone’s ignoring the bitch now.) Where was Kino? Did she leave already? No, he thought when he heard her strained voice. He stopped to listen closely her jumble of words. They only confused him even more. Was this the truth: does Kino really think so earnestly about him? He wanted to feel glad but how could he when she was so distraught? He knew for a long time now and yet he still hesitated. Was he even deserving of her at this point?
Yuki came out of hiding by stepping out into the light and calling Kino’s name. He could only see the sad expression on Kino’s face as Eric was escorting her back from the patio. His blood boiled. He knew he didn’t want to misunderstand, but Kino hasn’t been talking to him lately. He couldn’t tell. He wanted to know…He simply thought grasping her hand and walking away from everyone would make things all better.

“Wait Yuki.”

Kino’s voice piercing through the ravaging thoughts of doubt like a light poking through a cloud covered sky. Then he felt a tug. He turned around to see Eric on the other end with eyes filled with resolve. At this moment he didn’t care anymore and tried to look straight at Kino. He didn’t want to avoid her and he didn’t want to have to keep everything to himself. His emotions were running high especially after walking into that. He knew Kino would never purposely reveal her weakness. Whatever was under her skin, causing her forehead to wrinkle was what Yuki paid attention to. With confidence, he carelessly assumed she was just upset about Eric. With his naïve thoughts that acts of affection were worth more than a 1000 words, he stroked her long dark brown hair.

Eric was shocked by Yuki’s sudden display of affection. He stood still and let them have their talk. He could feel Kino’s finger clench his hand as if trying to find the support in her shaking body. He’d hold on firmly knowing it wasn’t often she needed support.

The skin of his hand touching the base of the neck that connected to her body left a warm impression on her. Kino felt like she was being stirred around as she was held in a tug-a-war: one arm in Yuki’s grasp, and the other firmly in Eric’s. She wanted to reject this feeling of relief that wafted over her when Yuki’s fingertips touched her skin. It felt so wrong to her that Yuki was the one embracing her, yet it felt so right. She turned her face away from him, pained at the thought that he was just teasing her again. She wasn’t that easy.

“You’re still not over him?”
He shot a dangerous look at Eric.

Kino quickly shook her head but remained silent. She was far too embarrassed and conflicted with these newly realized feelings of hers. She didn’t want to believe in them, these disgusting feelings. She closed her eyes, trying to shield herself from Yuki’s penetrative eyes but all she saw were the after images of him and Lily together, dancing. Kino could only misunderstand him and see the difference in their worlds.

“I’m sorry I’m not Lily.”

“Why are you bringing her up?”

“Cause the two of you are an item.”

“Sheesh Kino! I’m told you, give it a rest and answer my question.”
Yuki knew that he had to tell her. He knew Kino was completely wrong. But that meant telling her how he truly felt, and he didn’t have the confidence; especially, in front of Eric. He didn’t think he was ready to fully bear the responsibilities when he couldn’t even keep up with Kino half the time. Excuse after excuse, he thought there must be another way. Kino was never this hard to figure out, and it frustrated him.

“It’s because you’re together that we can’t be friends anymore because I’ll be in the way…right?”

“What are you going on about?”

“It’s because you take pity on me that you can’t leave me alone. That’s why Eric is like this also: always dotting on me.”

“Kino, you’re not making any sense. It’s because we’re friends that I worry about you.”

“Yuki, why can’t you just get that sometimes I’d prefer not be in the spotlight with you?” she spoke bitterly. Her hand squeezed Eric’s even tighter and knew that at this point, she was happiest when Yuki was. She thought that he would at least have laughed the whole time if she played his favourite melodies. She felt retarded for thinking that feeling was reciprocated…Did she feel underappreciated? Was that all she came here for: self gratification?

“Kino!” With great force, Yuki gripped onto Kino’s petite frame and shook her violently trying to get her to let go of Eric’s hand. He was scared that she’s chosen to put trust in Eric over him; that he was losing when he had already won. “I don’t want to hear this nonsense from you again, alright? Didn’t I promise you that no matter what happens I’ll always be there for you? I am your best friend; what are you going on about not being friends…Are you absurd?! Who’s been telling you these things? The Kino I know wouldn’t think something like that. The Kino I know—“

“That’s enough!” Eric couldn’t take much of Kino’s squeezing. He already lost circulation a long time ago, and now his finger tips were turning purple. He also felt awkward ‘cause Yuki was just ignoring him the entire time and that ain’t cool.
“Excuse me.”
Eric had ripped Kino out of Yuki’s grasp, draping his suit over her. He knew things would be dangerous if he didn’t intervene. He understood that Kino’s strength comes from her doubtless self. The nature of Kino’s solitude allows it so that she only has to rely on herself. It’s that independence that drives her. The biggest problem arises when misunderstandings emerge. He knew Yuki’s naivety was not ill intended. It wasn’t his fault nor was it Kino’s fault. Eric knew yet he couldn’t do anything. But, man did he want to punch Yuki right now.
“I’d appreciate it if you stop yelling at the poor girl,” he then turned to Kino, bending down so he was eye level with her.
“Kino—“ shocked by the expression she was giving him, he frowned at her and raised his hand wiping her dry cheeks, “You’re crying again, aren’t you?”

“Eric, you have no right!”

“I have every right because I’m not the one who’s always making her cry. I’m not the one she’s scared of! You know what…your arrogance is starting to piss me off. Is it because you knew each other that you think you can treat her in whatever way you want? You act well as a puppet, but as soon as you have no strings, you fall apart.”

“So you’re telling me it’s my fault? Is that it you jerk? Where do you get off?!”

“Yeah, it is your fault.”

“Oh Casanova is trying to lecture me, huh? You want a fight huh? I get it.”

Of course it’s my fault, Yuki thought sarcastically. For all he knew, he should be blaming Eric, but he was going to be the better man. He would never do anything to hurt Kino. There was no reason Kino would be this upset because of him. The Kino he knew would have just accepted it and ignored it. So, why not be friends if there is nothing wrong? But there obviously was. He already held her near and dear but the idea of losing her as a friend was troubling. He tried to piece everything together but he couldn’t figure what was going through Kino’s head anymore. Why was this happening? Why, if only Eric hadn’t showed up so he could talk to her for just a little bit longer. Screw being the better man. He’s fucking pissed.

Eric pushed Kino gently to the side to block Yuki’s aggressive punch. Unfortunately, he was a bit slow and stumbled back a bit from contact. He wiped off the abrasion with the back of his hand. It was on now! He dove forward and without a single wasted sound, he threw his own volley of punches. The sound of flesh pounding only taunted him further.

The rage in Yuki’s voice and the feeling of Eric’s push caused Kino’s knees to tremble as she felt a cold shiver run down her spine. It only confirmed (to her) that he was angry at her; it only confirmed that she was getting in his way. Yuki was supposed to be happy on his birthday and she was ruining that. It was the same at the Grandia Ball. Her disgusting selfish feelings were ruining everything; it was more than a good reason to remain silent. Her hand quickly closed down onto the heart pendent tightly: trying to hide how scared she was. Yuki was right. Who is she right now? She was a disgusting monster. She didn’t deserve to be friends with him if all she did was make him angry. Indeed he promised he would always stay by her side when they were young, but what’s the point if she was just being a bother? What’s the point if all it did was make a monster out of them?
“Stop it will you?! Please don’t fight!” She yelled kicking up her heels at the two of them. The tears almost pouring out at this point as the pain in her chest became unbearable. She kept on, pushing Yuki against a wall and pinning both his arms with her own hands, using every bit of her weight to keep him there and away from Eric.
“Yuki, Eric is just being nice to me because he feels like he owes it to me. I’m sorry. It was never my intention to make the two of you angry. I’m sorry Yuki. I’m sorry for making you angry and offending you; especially on your birthday. You…were the best friend I could ever ask for. So please forget about what I said.”
When she finished, the weight of her body eased off and her hands gently slid off Yuki as she took a step back.

She spoke with smile that was so forced, so unbearable, so plastic; it was almost painful to watch for Eric. He understood the meaning of her words, understood that she figured it out. Yet for some reason, he felt so much sadness. He was witnessing a huge misunderstanding, but it was something out of his hands.
“Kino, I’ll give you a ride.”
Eric turned his back on Yuki, putting an arm around her shoulders, freezing her whole for just a while longer.

“Kino I…!”
Yuki’s voice disappeared in an instant, as if his own body was now going against him. He watched as the distance between them physically grew and it was then did he finally realize how far Kino really was from him. He felt a strong dislike towards the idea of her getting farther and farther away. He didn’t give a damn about his happy birthday. He wanted to see her smile again, he wanted to hear her laugh again, he wanted to hold her and tell her that he really, and truly— It was his chance and he just missed it. Pathetic.


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