Morning Routine

March 18, 2012 § Leave a comment


New morning routine. Now set in stone.

Wake up at 8:00

Smack yourself silly and open your door.

Feed the cat and get ready for school.

5 min of powers:

(may include)

-screaming kamehameha

-posing infront of the mirror

-singing maru kaite chikyuu

-doodle 5 pandas

Get timmies if weather permits (get yourself some coffee woman!)

Early for class? Carry around Art of War (then move on to Feast of Crows.)

Better do this in the name of love and pride, yo! This time is for real! Get your shit together and throw it at the fan. Let them spout. Let them encourage. Show them why you’re a pesstimist. You will do as they say; and if you were to fail, every single one of them will eat their words when you die trying!


Dream: Cold Spring

March 15, 2012 § Leave a comment


I was at a water theme park, where you had to practically swim everywhere to get to anything. Then I stumble upon a weird place…It was like a Japanese hot spring, but it was cold. Apparently it was run by Native Inuit people. Everything was made out of ice like the ice/snow hotel in Quebec, and all the water springs were fridged cold springs. There was a bath area for people to wash their backs and then to sit in a mini cold spring that supposedly revitalized your senses. There was a spa and fitness section to the area as well. Then I get to the pool and start swimming and turn into a mermaid.

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