Dream: hungry for thrones and babies

May 12, 2012 § 1 Comment

There was a hunger game taking place at a college. The participants are all summoners and wizards and witches. I was to receive a spell at this castle when I fell ill. “you’re pregnant.” Never said what it was when it came out but it sure sounded like death. Then I was supposed to help Sansa escape without tyrion knowing. This was one of my missions to be completed as a tribute.Sansa was supposed to be drunk and complain of being sick. Her mother thought she got morning sickness from her night with Tyrion. But when she got to the locked door she heard her crying for her father. That’s when I let her through the secret doors. I heard mumbling so I told her to stay down. That’s when the ninja by Tyrion’s side threw his knives. I caught the one that would have hit Sansa and she trembles and starts to cry hysterically, “your going to kill us. He’s going to kill all of them.” Tyrion laughed, “i’m not going to kill you little bird. Obviously someone who doesn’t work for me got to you first. But she seems more than capable.” “you don’t care about your tribute?” “he’s gone. I think you killed him” so that’s what the baby did.


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