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One of my favourite Axis Power Hetalia MADs. There are many reasons as to why this MAD has gained such a high place in many fans hearts. For one thing, animation is solid for something fan made. Song choice was also excellent. Although I am not too familiar with who is the artist, I have to say that it is a very nice song that definitely reflects the feelings when one parts way with a significant other(s). I guess that’s sort of how I feel about graduation. Back to the MAD. I guess another reason why its one of my favourite is because Arthur is in it! It is really interesting how the artist interpreted the American Revolution, and the relationship between England and America. It was less, Americans were unhappy and just decided to spite England but more it was time for them to leave the nest, like how many other nations felt at the time where nationalism was very important. Lets just say, the relationship seems more mutual than how the textbook or any teacher would explain it to be.

Anyway, I purposely found a video with English translations because the lyrics and the animations go hand in hand ish.


Together Forever

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Together Forever

Going back to the 90’s again with a song from the Pokemon 2 B A Master CD. Although the video is an AMV of Ouran Koko Host Club. This song brings back a lot of nostalgia. For those who still remember, this song was played in Pikachu’s jukebox at the end of the episode in the earlier seasons. I remember singing along to the tape all the time, until it drove my family crazy. Now, when I listen to it, I think about how I will be graduating this year. Although I hope to be moving out to the west, I would be parting with everyone, the school that housed many painful and happy memories for about 6 years now, and my family. So I guess this song kind of reminds us grads that no matter what happens, we’ll be “together forever no matter how long. Now until the end of time. We’ll be together and you can be sure, that forever and a day, that’s how long we’ll stay, together and forever more.”


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…not the dumb vampire story.


This is a REALLY good AMV by Koopiskeva. I suggest checking out some of his previous videos. All are really well made.


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How the hell did I have time to make this?

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