Hana Yori Dango Blue Mind

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Blue Mind

Two videos in one day? Woah! Talk about productive.
So this is Blue Mind from Hana Yori Dango, composed by Yamashita Kousuke. Not exactly because I took some liberties compared to the original recording, and arrangment (by Sondagger) I have. More movement, more dynamics, more emotions (I guess).



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I have two tests tomorrow, and what better way to screw myself over then to watch a movie that makes me cry. Koizora is a love story that was originally published on a popular cellphone blog in Japan. It was written by Mika, who says the story is based of her own experiences. In summary, Mika (the main female character named after the author,) fell in love with a school mate named Hiroki, or simply Hiro. Throughout the novel, and movie, Mika had to face many trials such as rape, abortion, and betrayal. But with the help of Hiro, family, and friends, she manages to overcome these trials. The movie started off very light and happy, but it was downhill from there. It was very emotional. Although I cried at the end, it was still really sad to watch. Especially, when I found out half way through (took a break) that the story was based on the author’s experiences. If I was to compare this with any other drama, it is similar to 1 Litre of Tears in terms of depressing factor, but focusing on romance.

Overall, I really liked watching it. It’s a nice shock to the systems, not sure if that’s good for me or not but we’ll see ^^p

Here’s one of the insert songs that played in the movie. Warning, there may be spoilers.
Heavenly Days


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Warning: A really long winded and sappy summary of a drama

This past weekend, I had the chance to participate in a local music festival. Unfortunately, with the poor outcome of my performances, I felt a little lost. I know some of you will laugh at me for letting a minor set back make me reflective; in other words: emo. But music is something really important to me. As you may have notice, the majority of my post have been summaries of songs that I just happened to listen to (yeah, I watch too much anime.) The fact that I did not do a good job performing the music makes me sad for it means I do not have the courage to listen to the music. Therefore, I practice less, and make it less of a priority when it is up there along with taking over the world (jokes.) So I thought I needed some re-inspiration, and decided to rewatch Nodame Cantabile Live Action.

After the first episode, just like that, I had the urge to make music again. Yes it is a Japanese drama; Yes it is a romance comedy, but it truly is an amazing drama to watch. Although the actors are “acting” and not really playing, but the characters really are inspiring. I especially liked the scene in episode 5 when the Stressaman(sp?) urges Chiaki to forget what he told him to do and play the music, which mirrors Chiaki’s action to Nodame in episode 1, Mine in episode 2 and the S-oke later on. Through the course of the first five episode, Chiaki learned that it is important to play the music, not just what is written on the page. I wanted to try it too. Although, it would be much easier for me if I had Chiaki’s sight reading skills, or Nodame’s ears. I know a lot of people really enjoyed and were inspired by this drama, and some people even gained a deeper appreciation to classical music. I mean, whats not to love about Rachmaninoff Concerto No. 2 for piano? In the end, I was re-inspired.

Now to practice till my finger bleeds…again! Hahaha!
Note: Nodame Cantabile Live Action was adapted from the popular manga that goes by the same title. There is also an anime with its second season currently airing (not as good as the live action though.)

Congrats for making it to the end of the post! Now for a treat~
Rasphody in Blue ~Nodame Cantabile Pianica Version~

Last Friend

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I changed the header again! This time it’s a cropped image of the Last Friend promotional poster.

For those of you who don’t know, Last Friend is a new spring 2008 drama. Starring Nagasawa Masami as Aida Michiru, Ueno Juri as Kishimoto Ruka, Eita as Mizushima Takeru, Mizukawa Asami as Takigawa Eri, Nishikido Ryo as Oikawa Sousuke. I just noticed that Eita’s character’s name is Takeru and that just reminds me of T.K from Digimon. Anyway, the first episode started of great. I have only watched the raw, but I can already see how intense it is.

Girl (Aida Michiru) works at a beauty salon. The problem is she’s bullied by other employees, something like Cinderella. She’s forced to do manual labor instead of what she was supposed to do, that being cut people’s hair. On the home front, her mom drinks a lot and brings home men all the time and would not pay attention to her. However, this problem is taken car of when her boyfriend (Oikawa Sousuke) offers her to stay at his house. While all this is happening, she bumps into a high school friend (Kishimoto Ruka) They are reunited and everyone is all happy again! Ha! Wrong. There’s still half an hour to this show. In the final half of the first episode, the girl gets bullied again and so she goes to her boyfriends house because he was the only one who could comfort her. But that changed when he reads one of her text message on her phone. I’m assuming it’s either from the high school friend or another guy because he starts asking her a lot of questions, and then starts beating her up. The girl runs away and suddenly meets with the high school friend. At this point it is obvious that she is a lesbian and likes the girl. So lesbian girl offered the girl a place to stay for the night. Stuff happens they get drunk and the episode ends with the lesbian girl kissing the girl.

Very intense. In one episode they touched on bullying at the work place, an alcoholic mother who brings home men a lot, a girl who likes her a lot, and an abusive boyfriend. This girl has bad luck. On top of that, you have someone who has a phobia of having man-women relations due to past trauma or was it the other person…well someone. So lots of stuff going on in this drama and Ryo can be such a mean person that it’s scary.


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Taken from Dramawiki

1リットルの涙 or 1 litre of tears is a japanese drama that was released in 2005. The drama is based of the novel with the same title, which was based on a diary written by Kitou Aya who suffered from the disease spinocerebellar degeneration. In the drama, Kitou Aya is portrayed as the main character Ikeuchi Aya.

Ikeuchi Aya is a 15 year old girl who is about to attend her first day of high school at Higashi High when she suddenly fell strangely, injuring her chin. After being rushed to the hospital she was diagnosed with having spinocerebellar degenration. A disease where the cerebellum of the brain gradually deteriorates causing the person’s ability to control their muscles to decrease. Therefore, the person would have difficulty walking and eventually be unable to walk, have trouble speaking and swallowing, holding items such as a pen, and would often fall a lot. The drama follows Ikeuchi Aya from when she was first diagnosed, to when she could no longer hold a pen to write.

For the past two days, I under went a 1 litre of tears marathon watching all 11 episodes plus the special. Though I did not cry 1 litre of tears, I did shed a tear every single episode. Especially the scenes with Aya and Haruto. Though the scenes were a little bit on the romance shoujo side and a little bit hard to imagine in real life, they were the scenes where I cried the most. These were also my favourite scenes out of the entire drama. Makes me wonder if there are people like Haruto in the world. Even though there were moments that made me think “Oh! It’s going to be ok,” deep down you knew things were not going to get better. One episode Aya was able to walk along side everyone, as if nothing was wrong, and the next episode, she would need the help of a wheelchair at times to get around. Watching her family, her mom especially, trying to put on a smile to support Aya, the way they all got along and…it was difficult. Like Haruto, I too was kind of envious of her family. The one character that I thought changed rather significantly was Aya’s younger sister Ako. The change from being someone selfish to a more caring sister… for example when Ako studied very hard just to get into Higashi high school so that she could carry on Aya’s dream of graduating from the high school she wanted to graduate out of was something admirable and amazing out of all the sadness that surrounds the whole story.

Though the acting may be a little hard to watch because the producers DID choice pretty faced actors *cough* Ryo *cough* to play some of the major parts, and although some scenes were dramatize by adding rain, the story itself is worth the watch. There is just way to much to say about this drama, that I would probably start crying again. Even listening to the insert song Konayuki, I get teary at the chorus. Though you may not cry 1 litre of tears, you may shed a tear.

information: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1_Litre_of_Tears
If anyone has a link to One Litre of Tears icons, please let me know.

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