Dream: Cold Spring

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I was at a water theme park, where you had to practically swim everywhere to get to anything. Then I stumble upon a weird place…It was like a Japanese hot spring, but it was cold. Apparently it was run by Native Inuit people. Everything was made out of ice like the ice/snow hotel in Quebec, and all the water springs were fridged cold springs. There was a bath area for people to wash their backs and then to sit in a mini cold spring that supposedly revitalized your senses. There was a spa and fitness section to the area as well. Then I get to the pool and start swimming and turn into a mermaid.


Dream: Dragon Ball Movie the Namek Princess

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Had this dream a very long time ago. It was set up like a Dragon Ball movie: random plot premise that sounds good, movie antagonist shows up, lots of fighting till you don’t remember what the movie was about. In summary, there was a namek princess (not too sure how since, if I remember correctly, there were no female nameks) who had lost her “life soul” which took the form of a farm animal. So, Piccolo goes around Earth looking for the animal. His quest takes the Z fighters to another planet where they encounter their enemy and start fighting. Vegeta and Trunks stall for time, while Picollo keeps searching, and while Gohan takes care of the now dying princess. Goku is flying off somewhere and eventually joins the fight. Once the princess is fine, Gohan and Picollo level up. Making it a piece of cake to defeat the movie boss.

Dream: Death, the Phenomena

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Basically, a serial killer stalked me and killed everyone around on site. Pretty epic. He was a rapist too. Raped anything as long as it was a hole. Doctor thought he could find a way to track him down through the perscribed viagra pills but then bam, raped and knifed. DEATH IS THE ONLY ESCAPE!

This is why I’m a fucking terrorist! So I know who’s making a bomb in my house! Thank God I learned how to cut people open.

Oh, but at first I was dreaming about the land before time except with the cast from Toradora and Reborn. There was some crazy sacred tree forest (think Avatar) and if the dead tree starts growing leaves, shit happens. So then we fucked over and killed all the budding leaves, and brought the dead tree to life. We thought that if we made the budding leaves grow back again, shit would be cool. So now everything was green but then becuase there was snow on the ground, all the plants around the dead tree died again. Derp. That’s whe the killing started. Everyone getting their own death scene Sailor Moon Season 1 style. Taiga (Sailor Mars of the group) and Ryuuji manage to escape into the dead tree jungle and they were trying to go to the core to kill it, but then they fall into the lake.

Then at the very end, we’ve got Yuki coming in trying to be heroic and telling Kino it will all end when she–herp derp I woke up.

Dream: Is this torture?

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I had to move out apparently. So I went out to the docks to get on the ferry to Bayview Village. For some reason, the ferry wasn’t running that day, as there was a social party on the boat’s deck. I looked around at the suits and ties then sighed before asking for a ticket for the next day at 10 in the morning. When I returned, my roommate was freaking out about some Work Committee and how they wanted proof that someone puked on her invoice. She was busy pouring soya sauce over a bunch of letters. For some reason the apartment looked more like a hotel room or a lodge than how it usually is in reality. I packed my things and left the house without saying another word to my roommates. As the ferry was leaving port, we were ambushed by the police and was taken to wizard court.

The courthouse was in an alternate dimension inside the Sistine Chapel. The roof was made out of windows and displayed a beautiful panoramic view of the constellations; candles that light the room bright floated high above. As I entered the room, golden butterflies transformed me into Beatrice from Umineko. I pressed the fan against my lips and giggled at the sight of the young wizard standing in the center of the circular hall.

The judge cursed him with mushrooms and thus begun his descending cycle to insanity. Colours flashed, and the world of a kaleidoscope plagued his eyes. Each time the boy spoke, a blade would ram into him. First his bottom; then through the palms of his hands; and then his face over and over again. The only thing he could ask “is this torture?” His brain had already melted from the pain, that he couldn’t stop talking. The colours were the only think left to amuse him like how his pathetic state amused me greatly.

That’s when the griffons were summoned to crash through the walls of the dimension. I jumped on to it’s back, grabbing the kid with me. His friends thanked me for retrieving his body, but he has drowned in his trance. I knew this would happen so I told the little brats: “if you get me to my sister’s house and retrieve my powers, I can save him if that is your desire.” They agreed without second thought. Until my powers returned, I resorted to technology and their weak knowledge. Until my powers return…

Dream: The Other Child

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“Celty, what are you doing here?” The headless rider from DRRR! tosses me the keys to the strange automobile. The insides resembled a cockpit and the exterior seemed to be built on a motorcycle; a Rideback with a hood essentially…”Get in, you’ll need to learn how to drive this.” She could speak? Must be telepathy. So I hopped into a set of nice wheels. The door propped open from the top and closed with voice command…well everything could have been done with voice command. It was fast and smooth like gliding or swimming.
“This is a nice set of wheels. Developed by the military right? Oh–” It was then did the cops come. Of course, this piece of technology was something an ordinary civilian should have. “Know if we got any weapons Celty?” There was fighting while I was being directed to an elevator. The two of us descended to the the organization that organized all this: NERV. I was in a briefing room with Asuka and Mari. I was being introduced as a new pilot of the motorcycle thing I was riding. Apparently, they thought of making the Eva unit more transportable by transforming it to disguise as a really nice sports vehicle.
“So what is your opinion of Shinji?”
“He’s an idiot isn’t he?”
“You’re good!”
Was the short conversation I had with Asuka before the angel appeared. The sirens were ringing and I had to be dispatched right away so I could back up Rei. Celty and I were put into an elevator to be lifted back up to the surface.

Outside, the monster that looked like a giant starfish with fangs stomped through the city. The citizens didn’t seem to notice until the tsunami came crashing down on them. The water even reached the large observation patio of this corporate building. Tourist and important business men were being washed away as the building shook. Everyone was drowning. I needed to save them. But then when I jumped out of the cockpit and landed in the water, I realized that it was turning into ice. Those children crying were drowning, will I make it?

Suddenly, another monster showed itself…it was a complete mutated copy of Eva 01 with boils and crust distinguishing it from the real thing.
“Where is Shinji?”
“Still being useless…”
“Asuka, you take care of it!”
I could see Celty reaching out from the vehicle telling me to hurry up before the water froze over…

Back at the headquarters after the battle, the briefing was wild and loud. I felt like I was done for since I failed to perform as a backup. But how were we supposed to fight with one Angel, and two Eva suit look alikes (Eva 02 wannabe showed up after or so my memory in the dream had recalled.)
“That was dispicable.”
“Give her a break, she’s new.”
“I will do better next time.”
“I’m not talking about her, I’m talking about that useless twat who locked himself in his room.”
“Ok, we heard you Asuka. Anything else?”
For some reason, I knew I had to speak up and I was angry at that exact moment when I was calmly sitting in my chair just two seconds ago.”
“Wtf was up with that other thing? That wasn’t an Angel! It was a fucking Eva suit Misato…a fucking suit! Even my EVA 02 was copied!”
“We’re still looking it up. For now, prepare for a counterattack.They’ll be returning soon.”
“Bullshit!” I yelled storming out of the room wondering why I was given the keys.

Dream: Surprise Wedding

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As a young child, she hated God, she hated the bible, and she the church. But she was adopted into a Christian family by agreement that she would be converted. She would cause trouble, and terrorized her sisters. Her only friends were the nannies who spoke french. Then one day when she had a friend over, she spoke the truth: God is dead.
“How could you say that?!”
“Unbelievable this child! Did you not understand what would happen when you said the same things three years ago?”
She was banished to a mining village.

She was an old woman who gave up her dreams and smiled. Forever scared, she now believed in the God she hated. The two bystanders (a classmate perhaps and an old man) noticed the amazing transformation. If only someone could wake her up.
Today was the day of graduation and because she gave up, she will be left behind. There was no work to be done in the mine, and there were no maid duties. So, the old woman went off the send her friend, Tracy, off. With an embrace and a couple of tears, there was nothing.

“Oh, you’ve come to leave as well?” The old lady spoke with her raspy voice.
“No, you’re going to a party.”
The boy had swept her off her feet…
“Lets go!”
…And with magic, the spell broke and 20 years melted off of her. She felt her heart relinquish itself from its chains.

She hid her face in his shoulder as she let out a small yelp as they began flying off. She took a deep breath in and sighed, “Yuki, you smell nice.”
“That’s cause today is a special day.”

When arrived the party, the girl refused to let go.
“Kino I have things to do. Don’t worry, I’ll be back.”
She was scared to return to society. But after a few seconds of convincing, she hoped to the door and bid Yuki farewell.

“Kino!!!” They all exclaimed.
“Where have you been? You practically disappeared for 20 years!”
“That wouldn’t make sense since we would have been two years old then.”
“Wasn’t she under a magic spell that made her a gajillion years older? So it must have felt like 20 years.”
Kino nodded in her shyness.
“Well cheers for graduating!”
Kino began to cry out loud at the word. She didn’t want all her friends to leave her behind.
“What’s wrong Kino?”
“Everyone is going. I’m gonna be stuck here forever.”
“Don’t say that! I mean today is…”
“Oh, wedding starts in 20 mins.”
Right on cue Yuki arrived grabbed Kino’s hand, pulling her away from everyone. Once again she found herself swept off her feet. Yuki rushed into the familiar cathedral hall and pulled Kino to the very front from the side. Currently, a 20th century music concert was being held.
She was entranced by the music and the instrument. the strings were layed out like a grid, but there was a gradual increase in the size of the squares. The performer was playing Shoenberg on the instrument. Immediately, Kino felt her hand being grabbed. She turned around and saw Yuki bent down on his knees.
“Kino…” he did not have to speak. Kino knew instantly what he wanted to ask. It was a kind of telepathy. He popped open the box with the ring and a smile finally crept up on her face.
“Of course.”
Suddenly, the spotlights were on them. Kino didn’t realize it because it was dark, but Yuki was dressed in a cream white tuxedo. Kino immediately paniced: looking left and right with Yuki’s hand still grasping hers. Yuki gently squeezed her hand and brought her back to Earth before guiding her to the front of the alter.
“I don’t know if I would call that music, but it was an exhilirating performance either way. Now, let us gather here today to celebrate the marriage of Kino and Yuki.”
“Wait wut?!” You heard the Father.
Yuki simply smiled, “cute as always.”
She turned around and saw the gang at the party sitting in the front row. They knew! Mayu and Nadako came up to her and pushed her towards the alter set of stairs to the change room up at the top of the cathedral. The two of them were all giddy and joyful as they changed Kino into her gown. She someone clear their throats…it was her old piano teacher.
“Kino disappeared from the world because of a curse. Leading her to give up her dream, her friends, and this wonderful man Yuki. But all of us here never once gave up on Kino. It was a pleasure to be invited here today and without further a do, a song dedicated to the couple today.”
“Kino how are you feeling?”
“I dunno…I don’t feel like crying anymore.”
“That means your happy Kino!”
“That’s right.”
“You’re always so gloomy that this is probably the first time you felt this way.”
“You guys are right…”
“There you’re done!”
“There’s a tiara on my head.”
“Of course!”

All of the sudden, Kino felt nervous. More nervous than she ever was for any of her performances. She came out of the top of a spiral staircase. Seeing how far down it goes she gulped and proceeded slowly. Then she saw Yuki staring at her from the other side with a smile. Her nervous was converted to excitment and now with that excitment she rushed down the stairs. She skipped a couple of steps, and felt like she was floating (the heels were unbelievably comfortable.)

As the two of them stepped onto the alter, the music changed to the typical wedding anthem. Kino walked up to the middle where the priest stood. As soon as she tried to stand, she began to wobble and lose her balance; but, Yuki got her. Telepathically, she could tell Yuki was complimenting her looks. She blushed in embarrassment. Suddenly, everything felt like a blur. She felt her whole body sink to the ground, and her skin prune. Could this be the curse? No! She refused! Especially after all these people believed in her. She mustered up whatever confidence and strength she had to declare, “I do!” She could hear Yuki chuckle and, “I do too.” The cold metal made her heart leap and gently parachute back down to the ground as she realized what was placed on her finger. The magical curse shattered into sparkling dust and formed the diamond on the ring.
“You may kiss the bride.”

“I love you, Kino.”
Yuki leaned in and planted a kiss on her lips. Kino’s arms rose up and situated themselves on his shoulder and neck, transitioning into an embrace.

Dream: Another Adventure a Year Ago

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I was at band practice and I saw a recognizable face that shouldn’t have been there. My eyes peeled of the outline with lingering feelings as residue. I refocused onto Bobby Flay on the TV in the corner of the plane cabin. Yes, I had boarded a plane to go to California instead of going to that tutorial, the boring lecture, some epic dodgeball game, the already arranged BBQ party…I left it all to go to California, on an adventure. Then it hit me. I forgot to book a hotel for the night! I got up and rushed out of the plane cabin and into my bedroom to search it up on the internet. But of course there was no internet connection through the ethernet cable on a plane! How could I be so stupid? The exact same thing happened to me a year ago when I went to London! Then I realized that if I book a hotel, I couldn’t buy a return ticket. I sat back down trying to sleep my worries away. As the chairs swivelled, I saw that face. Why couldn’t I sit next to the person? The better questions was why was he there?! I felt my excitement fade away…

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