May 27, 2009 § 1 Comment

So recently I discovered the hilarity of enneagrams. For those who don’t know what they are, check out wiki NOW!

I’m a seven (not sure about wings.) Meaning, my brain is on crack and thinks everything is cool.
You died? Excellent, one less person to worry about.
You laugh at me know, but guess what, I’m laughing with you! I’m so stupid it makes me laugh.

Sevens are known to be very childlike and optimistic and energetic. They like experiencing new things all the time and

Anyway, so basically this random book in the library said that because I am numb to sad and negative feelings, I tend to think everyone else who is sad as an inferior being who hasn’t evolved. So if you are sad, I will laugh at you.
My boyfriend rejected me! I am now sad!
Hahaha, sucks to your asmar, you loser.
Hey! You can’t laugh at me! You like that guy who likes that person!
Sure I can, because you’re crying and I’m not, duh!

If you read descriptions of Sevens, the one thing we hate is being bored, pinned down, and negative feelings. Which I find true. Being bored is a nightmare, and it sucks that I don’t have friends who understand that, and thus refuse to hang out with me every single day cause I’m probably the most annoying person ever for laughing at their face. Haha.

Anyway, currently, I’m trying to figure out all the Hetalia character’s number just because Hetalia is my crack right now. SO STAY TUNED FOR MORE ENNEAGRAM TALK!


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