Gundam 00 -Awakening of the Trailblazer-

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I think what was lacking in the movie was the characterization of the ELS. By character, I mean, give them more substance or purpose than to be used as a way for Setsuna to save the world. This lack of character is easily seen by the non-existant one on one confrontations which would have given them more purpose. Even Descartes ended up not doing much before dying. All the writers did was just stick the theme on like a post-it. If the ELS were communicating via metal transformation, then what good does Setsuna being able to tell the difference do to the world and the ELS? Nothing! The fact that he understood seemed to be a good enough reason for the ELS to stop communicating with the humans and transfigure into a space flower. This also had no correlation with his desire to visit the ELS’ home. Some people are going to disagree with me, but I think that was the most disappointing aspects of the movie and what would have significantly made the movie better. They could have easily done a traditional Gundam movie and still have same character development and the same theme. If they wanted to pull of an alien threat movie, the writers would have needed to introduce the element more thoroughly. It’s a waste of a plot device if not otherwise.

The animation were merely an upgrade from Gundam SEED with multiple laser shots in various colours making the screen look like a double rainbow party. It was gorgeous but I would have prefered the high paced, interestingly cheographed action scenes from the first series. One of the more obvious comparison is when Lock-on activates trans-am on his Zabanya and begin’s targeting the ELS and then unleashing multiple lasers in the same fashion as the Freedom’s HiMat system. Even when the ELS transfigured into cruiser ships, none of the fancy cruiser driving skills or strategy involved in the television series were evident. Hard to believe when the Celestial Beings were only able to efficiently take action because of the creative executionsunorthadox strategies. In general, a significant amount of action was displaced in the movie, which was what made Gundam 00 originally the better Gundam series. Some of the action was even confusing! Especially from when Setsuna comes out in his Gundam 00 Qan[T] to when he makes it into the epicenter of the ELS. That entire section was purely laser spams everywhere.

The inapproriate insert song about forests and rivers while in the middle of a battle for survival was not appreciated at all. Sure it led into Setsuna’s dream sequence, but they could have at least had something with a more turbulent start since the song started with Andrei’s death. There are no songstress in Gundam 00, so there shouldn’t be vocal lyrics playing during the battle. It uneccessarily made it more Macross/Gundam SEED like, just to lighten up an atmosphere that shouldn’t be because the situation at hand was very grim.

This movie tries very hard to distinguish itself as something that is new, and traditional Gundam. Yet, instead of being a new progressive Gundam movie, it ends up straying away from the franchise. To sum this movie up, it is a terrible version of Eureka Seven; it would have been a Macross movie if there was a pink haired idol singer. I commend it for trying to be a thematic film, but if it’s going to create more plot holes and diffuse its strength, then they might as well have done a Gundam SEED movie instead. Especially since they announced that one first and has not announced anything new since.



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Some people need a kick, so they can wake up from their dream and come back to face reality.


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I was dissa…dissapoi…
I know dad. I know you were disappointed I couldn’t be you.
No…no…! I was disappointed that you tried.

I’m disappointed that you didn’t try.

INCEPTION FTW! Roughly a month till the DVD comes out and I’m super excited because I LOVE THIS MOVIE *___*


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Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete Trailer

Must be seen in HQ


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Rule, the Dragon Ball Evolution movie theme, by Ayumi Hamaski. The movie is set to be released on April 8, 2009. Interesting how they picked a Japanese singer, even though the movie is done by Hollywood. Oh well, pretty decent. I’m not hating it, but I’m not loving it either.


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I have two tests tomorrow, and what better way to screw myself over then to watch a movie that makes me cry. Koizora is a love story that was originally published on a popular cellphone blog in Japan. It was written by Mika, who says the story is based of her own experiences. In summary, Mika (the main female character named after the author,) fell in love with a school mate named Hiroki, or simply Hiro. Throughout the novel, and movie, Mika had to face many trials such as rape, abortion, and betrayal. But with the help of Hiro, family, and friends, she manages to overcome these trials. The movie started off very light and happy, but it was downhill from there. It was very emotional. Although I cried at the end, it was still really sad to watch. Especially, when I found out half way through (took a break) that the story was based on the author’s experiences. If I was to compare this with any other drama, it is similar to 1 Litre of Tears in terms of depressing factor, but focusing on romance.

Overall, I really liked watching it. It’s a nice shock to the systems, not sure if that’s good for me or not but we’ll see ^^p

Here’s one of the insert songs that played in the movie. Warning, there may be spoilers.
Heavenly Days

Mandolin Warrior

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My friend found something really interesting on “The Forbidden Kingdom” website. It is a little game called Mandolin Warrior.

Reminds me of Guitar Hero.

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