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As the winter break approaches there are a lot of things I want to do. One of those things involves reworking this blog and find a new direction for it.


you prat!

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England, why you such a cutie~? /obligatory fangirl happy dance and cheering


June 24, 2011 § 2 Comments

…and I’m temporarily done giving my blog a major facelift. Gonna fiddle with the background eventually. For now, I sleep.


I’ve fiddled with the background so it looks nicer.
I found this image on pixiv. You’ll need an account to save the file.


June 18, 2011 § 2 Comments

So Arina Tanemura (person who did Full Moon and Shinshi Doumei Cross) decides to draw a manga about this Japanese Boy Idol group…The difference in manliness is really shocking. They look so girly in real life…maybe they’re crossdressing. THEN WHY MAKE THE MANGA SO MANRY D: /confused

A Healthy Lifestyle

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People really should be shitting once a day at the very least. How else to these saiyans get so ripped?!

Sleeping Faces

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Ehehehehe~ Sleeping faces are cute. Especially cat’s faces. >w<


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So I’m gonna ramble here cause I’ve blocked all the other webpages I usually use to distract myself.

For those who don’t know, I have been writting a series of short compilation stories about a group of characters I’ve dreamt off one night. I posted the somewhat finished chapters on my blog (granted they are out of order). My last post was Kino’s birthday which is set in their grade 11 year of high school.

I’ve got a couple more story chapters in the works.
I have Yuki’s birthday almost fully written. I’m still scripting the essential part.
I also have the chapter where Yuki realizes his feelings for Kino in the works. I’ve managed to combine a few ideas together so hopefully that will put itself together when I go back to it.

I am still trying to work out my side characters because I really do want them to come into play and interact with Kino.
So far…
For Mayu, I see her as the character who gets destroyed and then put together again. I see her getting herself in all sorts of trouble out of spite and stupidity.
Nadoka is the smart and cool headed one, but is aimless and has no goal in life.
Eric is obviously her crush and starts out as a playboy.
Keith will be Mayu’s first boyfriend and her lover. The two of them will fumble around and screw over but it’ll work out in the end…I guess.
Lily will probably have the smallest role as being the rival in love for Yuki. BITCH.

It’s been many years since I dreamt about Kino and Yuki, and I’m impressed as to how far this project has been coming along…lol!

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