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It’s been so long. Since the last post, since the last time I spoke, since the last time I have posted one of these kinds of posts: the kind filled with pure fury. But, what’s intriguing about this time is that it has really been a while since I have publically voiced an opinion on one specific person. It should be known that the majority of these people I speak about, I have since dismissed all forms of communications with them, or have plans to cease communication with them. So, if you think anybody on Facebook and thinks in their tiny little ass skull: “hmm I disagree” ; go masturbate cause it already sounds like you’re fucking yourself with something (tentacle monster under your bed, or multiple vibrators.) Yes, I just made this incredibly uncomfortable for all of you to read.

Comfort is important when it comes to a home. But, when people moan and whine like this is the last night of our lives (how many times have I heard that phrase from any American pop tune?) it bugs me. It should bug other people to. That’s a discomfort. Then, when I am sticking my junk in your face and then pissing all over it; this should make you feel uncomfortable (or turned on.) If it bugs you, then it bugs me too. If I’m not apart of the conversation, I don’t need to know. Please exhibitionist, go back where you came from. The world doesn’t need to know when it’s exam period. Unfortunately, if hadn’t come to care about people, I would have just parked my butt in the library. Being social is suffering.

I have managed to avoid shitstorms for almost over a year because I adopted my personal rule.  I treat you the way you want me to treat you, then I treat you the same way. I hold the most vile expectations out of you, and you continue to prove me wrong. I don’t think highly of just anyone. This is how I have approached with failed expectations since everyone is a liar. How can people expect me to be friends with them if they tell me one thing, then tell a different tale to every single other person. I don’t feel anymore special than your other friends (or what few you have) if you tailor your pretty song specific to each person. No you can’t take my money, and no you can’t ask me to pay you with attention you attention whore. How can people expect me to be friends with them when they want to succeed in ruining my already ruined life just because they were curious? Curiousity and worry are NOT the same thing. If you worry about someone, you help them out regardless of how retarded, and mentally degrading it is. If you’re curious on the other hand, you’re just asking for a death sentence because now the ENTIRE WORLD has their wheels spinning and sucks up attention. The mind blowing part is I end up being the center of the black hole. Not the attention whore. Only Flay in Gundam SEED thinks in this way. Flay purposely goes out of her way to manipulate Kira’s feelings so that he constantly feels guilty, so that he constantly is pressured to make it up to her. She simply dropped Sai and jumped Kira’s ship in a span of an episode just mere episodes after Kira failed to protect her father from getting killed in action. She even gave up her virginity to him so that he is now physically responsible for her. Sai obviously doesn’t take this for very long and goes to confront her. From Cagalli’s standpoint, Sai was just being a desperate creep who doesn’t know when to back down when a girl says no. Then Kira comes in acting almighty because he’s more emo than the rest of them, and that they don’t care about his feelings except Flay. Now Sai just looks like a sore loser and everyone around him is just telling him to give up and go figure his shit out. Kira obviously develops a lot of issues because he’s such an innocent and kind hearted hero. In summary, within a span of 3-4 episodes Flay has lost her father, dumped Sai, and fucked Kira. THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH THIS HORRIBLE WOMAN.

Screaming and fighting isn’t the answer, but sometimes it feels like it would have been the most effective. Sure, I’ll destroy you and make your life miserable, but that’s when I can afford to bite karma in the face. My life is ruined and it just keeps getting worst, like I can handle having my friends (even if I hate some of them) go against me when I need them the most. Does not mean I just let things slide. I admit, I screwed myself over in doing so. I am not going to disclose how because that’s how this situation started. I hated myself for not saying anything before. Nobody even bothered to listen to me when I even said anything anyway (nbd, jerkface and creeps were a huge waste of my time.) As of current, I hate myself for saying too much. Just because I expect shit to happen on a daily basis, doesn’t mean I will act like it’s nbd; especially when it’s foiling my plots and making things unnecessarily turbulent. All the layers of my life is just converging and folding over in one spot. I really don’t appreciate it, especially when I was making such good progress. Oh, how things have overcomplicated themselves with time. So, I keep being vague, but not shut my mouth.

This is my withdrawl letter. I’m raising the white flag. Feel free to keep chirping little bird cause I don’t care about my dumb ideas. I don’t care what anyone thinks. I don’t care if it’s my loss. Who needs love and friends? I’ll just replace you all with cats. Happiness is fairly cheap for me. When I die from an unplanned suicide (ie an accident) you’re all going to get the last laughs.

I feel like I’m the greatest person in the world, but feeling kind of stupid because I have an exam still tonight. This really messes with my mind.


Morning Routine

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New morning routine. Now set in stone.

Wake up at 8:00

Smack yourself silly and open your door.

Feed the cat and get ready for school.

5 min of powers:

(may include)

-screaming kamehameha

-posing infront of the mirror

-singing maru kaite chikyuu

-doodle 5 pandas

Get timmies if weather permits (get yourself some coffee woman!)

Early for class? Carry around Art of War (then move on to Feast of Crows.)

Better do this in the name of love and pride, yo! This time is for real! Get your shit together and throw it at the fan. Let them spout. Let them encourage. Show them why you’re a pesstimist. You will do as they say; and if you were to fail, every single one of them will eat their words when you die trying!

Dream: Balloon Parade

April 3, 2011 § Leave a comment

I was in high school again. Got the whole green uniform on: kilt, knee socks, some form of a black shoe, golf shirt…The were gonna pull off the grad prank. Everyone was in the common room, which transformed into a much more lavishing chamber with tall cielings, marble flowing. We were suiting ourselves up with helium balloons, so much that we were starting to float. So the parade started off with a traditional Chinese New Years lion dance, everyone followed behind.

Scene changes and I’m in the library with four friends. Faceless jerk comes along and sits with us. I say jerk because I was kind of pissed and hateful as soon as this person got there. So I leave the library in a screaming fit. Two girls wave at me before they head to this pool party, and then I run down the stairs that were made to trip you. I somehow managed to find the balloon parade and I ninja my way through to my locker.


March 25, 2011 § Leave a comment

Achievements I’ve gained within the two decades I have been on this planet? This is probably gonna be a short list.

I have watched 96.5 days of anime; read 39.8 days of manga.
I have gotten shit faced and puke drunk.
I have trolled a lot of people on the internet (this really shouldn’t be an achievement since they are so sensitive.)
I have grinded: in game and IRL (wut?). Despite that being said, I have never had an intimate relationship with anyone.
I have failed a total of 7 midterms and two courses up to this day since the start of my university life.
I have hiked (legit) for 3 days.
I have been across both the Pacific and Atlantic ocean.
I have 155 facebook friends (figure does not include those I defriended or blocked.)
I have crushed on more 2D characters (including video game characters) than real people. First was TK from Digimon 02.
I have picked a bucket of strawberries from a REAL strawberry farm.
I got paid to go into an MRI.
I have 95+ manga books (not including the ones my mom threw out or burned.)
I have beaten someone till blood was spilt. I also kicked a guy in the crotch– well ok I’ve kicked MANY guys in the crotch. Ohh elementary school…
I have lost the game on many occasions. Like now.
I have had my picture taken while in cosplay.
I have watched 76,771 youtube videos.
I have not bought a single Apple product.

Yeah I can’t think of much more. I don’t really plan on adding onto this list since it’s just me boasting.


January 5, 2011 § 2 Comments

When I was in high school, I was subjected to wearing the dreaded uniform. But I wouldn’t mind wearing this or this. It just screams cool, kickass, awesomeness! If you’re going to make people wear the same thing, you might as well have them be well dressed.

Pep Talk

December 16, 2010 § Leave a comment

It’s ok. Just chillax and write neatly. Write so neatly that you it hurts your brain cause you have to think about what you’re actually writing. You’ve done all these questions before once…perhaps with the wrong answers, but the correct methodolgy! That is all that matters. Method. Method. Method. Write neatly and organized so they understand your method. As long as you can do the method, the complete answer should only be worth 0.5 marks. Its ok if the calculator fails. Just write neatly so you know you’re not plugging in the wrong numbers. Just…Don’t panic. Don’t rush. Don’t pass out.

I see why…

December 11, 2010 § 1 Comment

This might make me seem a little terrible, but I can’t think of any other way to express my undying thirst to shove a stick up this girl’s–wait! SHE ALREADY HAS ONE! (I am seeing a common trend here guys.) I have met and befriended only a handful of Jewish people. But if all Jewish people acted like this bitch with an attitude problem, then you might as well call me a Nazi cause I want to fucking tie her up and throw her into a gas chamber, right now.

Seriously, people only need to know two things: respect your neighbour but don’t give a damn fuck about what they do. It’s called creating optimal distance between you and the people around you. There’s no such thing as being considerate to someone else. That’s just a luxury. If everyone respect each other properly and cared a little bit less about their actions, a compromisable shared space can be achieved. For example, you respect that you are using someone else’s dishes. So you should clean it so that it is clean, not dirty. (Yes, this girl can’t tell the difference between dirty and clean.) Since we’ve already got that respect in place, the other person shouldn’t care they used their dishes because it should be respectablly clean.

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