you prat!

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England, why you such a cutie~? /obligatory fangirl happy dance and cheering



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Pub to Go

Yousei-san, yousei-san, Ahahaha~! Oh Iggy ❤
I think the laugh should be my ringtone, just to scare people.


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One of my favourite Axis Power Hetalia MADs. There are many reasons as to why this MAD has gained such a high place in many fans hearts. For one thing, animation is solid for something fan made. Song choice was also excellent. Although I am not too familiar with who is the artist, I have to say that it is a very nice song that definitely reflects the feelings when one parts way with a significant other(s). I guess that’s sort of how I feel about graduation. Back to the MAD. I guess another reason why its one of my favourite is because Arthur is in it! It is really interesting how the artist interpreted the American Revolution, and the relationship between England and America. It was less, Americans were unhappy and just decided to spite England but more it was time for them to leave the nest, like how many other nations felt at the time where nationalism was very important. Lets just say, the relationship seems more mutual than how the textbook or any teacher would explain it to be.

Anyway, I purposely found a video with English translations because the lyrics and the animations go hand in hand ish.


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You know you are emo, and potentially need help when the only thing keeping you from committing suicide, or killing someone else is a 2D character. Japan seems to share my sentiments in his character CD preview.

Arthur ❤ x infinity.
from pixiv
Awwww~ Arthur is such a cute daddy figure >___<

Happy Birthday イギリス

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Happy Birthday Arthur Kirkland~! ❤

Sadly I did not know it was his birthday until today because it is actually unofficial and assumed. Whatever, gives me a reason to be happy and fangirl over Arthur. But nonetheless, thanks to the friendly people at the Arthur Kirkland fanclub for informing me of the greatest day today! Even though today is the

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