June 18, 2011 § 2 Comments

So Arina Tanemura (person who did Full Moon and Shinshi Doumei Cross) decides to draw a manga about this Japanese Boy Idol group…The difference in manliness is really shocking. They look so girly in real life…maybe they’re crossdressing. THEN WHY MAKE THE MANGA SO MANRY D: /confused



December 25, 2009 § Leave a comment

update 1: Its only a preview (pencil lining). I’m working on overdrive to try and get this finished sometime during Christmas, so bare with me >____<

There's a 4koma that goes a long with the card, but that will have to get done later…


Update 3: Printed edition and 4koma will be released later…

Nevermind that!

November 14, 2008 § 4 Comments


So they chose an image from google, as opposed to a student made poster. Not only does that frustrate me, but it goes to show how corrupted our school is when it comes to perfection.

This really angers me because one, kame kami-sama didn’t recieve ANY details from the teacher organizing the event. So complaining that it didn’t fit your “initial idea” doesn’t mean you can quickly rip something off google image in replacement of my poster. I had the freedom to do whatever I want with the poster, so it’s not fair to say that my poster won’t work because it doesn’t have the “band and strings” element. That isn’t the point of Music Night! The point of music night is to listen to MUSIC! The music comes first about everything else and so that’s what I tried to do with my poster, emphasize music as a whole. But even then it gets rejected. Secondly, my poster is an amateur poster. I’m no art student, I’m just creative. The feeling I’m getting is “Sorry, your poster isn’t professional enough so we’re using this image from google.” Well then Ms. Janes, this is what I have to say to you and the ensembles, ‘Sorry, your ensembles aren’t professional enough so I’ll stick to my CD recordings and youtube videos.” There is no professional musician in a high school orchestra/band. The majority of them aren’t even the slightest bit musical (they can’t embed emotions in to the music) let alone understand the basic principles of Rudiments (i.e major or minor sounds, and intervals.) The members of the ensembles are admirable, taking what little knowledge they have about music and trying to make music. But because they are amateurs we don’t see that, and so we just assume “Oh they are really good because they got Golds at music fest,” or for the more critical musicians “They all suck because they don’t know how to read the score.” To relate back to my point earlier, the school is corrupted when it comes to being perfect.

I do not mean to sound like I’m begging for self pity, but I’m merely explaining my situation without having to repeat myself. Besides, the first retelling is usually the most truthful.

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