Ready ready ready for the take off!

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Take Off!
Anime ED ver.

2PM PV ver.

So take this screencap and compare it to the dance sequence that starts at 1:06.

ROFL! That is ridiculous XD What kind of marketing scheme is this…trying to get the otaku’s to buy Korean music now because they all do ridiculous dances? This is just hilarious when you compare the two, because the anime version looks pretty silly, if not cool, and then the real ones are so retarded looking.


Cross Over

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cross over

This is a really funny PV for the Star Driver 1st ending theme. Didn’t expect the artist to be a girl group haha. But their dance is so silly, I gotta laugh at them. I do like the violins at the chorus and the melody is super catchy…

Anime OP/ED Spring 2011

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New season is on its way, and there are a few awesome opening and ending credit themes that I wanna share. I haven’t seen a lot of the premier episodes for most of these, so I’m gonna keep comments minimal.

Deadman Wonderland ED -SHINY SHINY

Credits are kind of boring, but if anybody remembers Eureka Seven, then you’ll recognize the featured artist NIRGILIS.

Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai OP- Aoi Shiori

Very cute song. I like the timing of the video with the rhythmic intro and outro.

Steins;Gate ED – Toki Tsukasadoru Juuni no Meiyaku

Kind of evanecense ish…

C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control OP- Matryoshka

Opening is pretty badass with the animation for the first half, then it gets boring. Reminds me of Eden of the East though.

C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control ED- RPG

Like the ending A LOT more compared to the opening. Again, there is that Eden of the East similarity in animation, and even the ending artist is the same

Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko OP- Os-Uchuujin

Song is fucktarded…really weird. Animation video is great though. SUPA TRIPPY!

Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko ED – Ruru

Wah! This is super cute >w<

A-Channel OP- Morning Arch

Animation video is cute, and the song is cute too. Makes me want to watch this anime, even though I find the art a little weird…

A-Channel ED- Humming Girl

This song is also really cute. I just…don’t like the chorus. There’s way too many people singing D:

Nichijou OP- Hyadain no Kakakata☆Kataomoi-C

SUPER UPBEAT OPENING! I like. I think Nichijou has the two bests themes this season. Gahhhhh!

Nichijou ED -Zzz

I say…BEST SONG OF THE SEASON, but I'm bias cause I really like this show :/ And look how cute the sun is teeheee!

Alright, so there are probably a bunch more anime openings out there I haven't heard yet. But I'm getting there…will post if they are acutally worth listening lol.

2011 winter anime by song

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Anime 2011 Winter Season is just beginning and contrary to what I was expecting, there is quite a bit of anime I’m interested in and a lot of new theme songs that I actually enjoy for once!

Kimi ni Todoke Second Season

I really like this song just as much as the first season’s opening. It is very cute and light hearted reflecting the nature of the anime. Since I love the manga, and watched the first season, I am most definitely going to watch the second season as well. Can I just say Miyano Mamoru really shines as the character Kento. It’s like the character is him!

Infinite Stratos

The anime is another harem genre series with two tsunderes and two childhood friends (wtf?) Althought I’m not watching this series, I definitely like the opening! It’s Kuribayashi Menami afterall! The song reminds me a lot of the Mai-Hime opening theme Shining Days, which I thought was a really good upbeat pop song for an anime because it gave you a sense of adventure. Adventure that’s probably going to be misplaced in the anime.

Daydream Syndrome
Yumekui Merry

The opening has a Touhou feeling to it and I really like how it’s high paced and rather rhythmic. Really gets my blood running! Unfortunately, the opening sequence that goes along with it is average. The anime is kind of average too. /yawns

Destine Histoire

This is a pretty good song by itself. Although it’s kind of a generic pop song, it’s the kind I like. I especially like the chorus when the harmonization starts kicking in. Comments on the anime itself, it’s decent. The genre is mystery, which already makes it quite different then most of the other animes this season. Also, Victorique is the best anime character so far this season. SHE IS HILARIOUS AND ADORABLE! She’s the main reason I’m waiting for the third episode.

Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica

This song has good contrast between the lyrical sections and the upbeat chorus. The animation sequence that goes along with it is also pretty good as well on an animation level, and storyboard level. The anime is really trippy and quite dark despite it being a Mahou Shoujo and in comparison to Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanaho. I’m definitely going to keep up with this anime!

Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica

Completely different from the opening theme, magica displays the rather trippy and dark overshadowing of this show. I am not joking about this anime being trippy. Just watch this fight scene for yourself. Of course, I would love this song immediately since it’s sung by Kalafina. It is a mix of the sound from Kara no Kyoukai and some of .Hack//SIGN’s vocal tracks.

Genjitsu to Iu Na no Kaibutsu to Tatakau Mono Tachi

This is the new ending to Bakuman. It just screams shounen from the animation to the actual song itself! It is the main reason why I like Bakuman. It’s essentially an anime adaptation of a manga about manga! Of course, since it’s running in shounen jump, it has to be a shounen manga, which just makes it that much more awesome! It’s fresh, it’s interesting, and fun to read/watch! I actually prefer the anime more because the manga is quite wordy for me. Easier for me to listen to the dialogue rather then read it.

Down by the Sally

Really nice folk like tune for the ending of Fractale. I really like this anime because it is very much like the anime series back in 2000, where the stories and settings were unique and fresh. I have very high hopes for this series and, like Madoka, will definitely be following this series as well.

Memories Last
To Aru Majutsu no Index II

This ending theme is rather upbeat and pretty generic, but catchy enough for me to take note of it. I also thought the animation was quite nice in the ending sequence. I don’t watch this anime, so I kind of mistakened it for an opening!

Brave Song

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Angel Beats!- Brave Song

This is Brave Song, the Angel Beats ending. I put this together fairly quickly because its my last week with the Yamaha Grand. I wanted to spend as much quality time with it as possible! I tried to have the vocal melody stand out cause, well, it’s the vocal melody. Some of the rhythm might be off, and it might be a bit slow, but I’m satisfied with the overall performance. Once again, I have a terrible quality mic, so if you hear any sort of pedalling, or fuzzy business going on, I apologize. Below you’ll find credits and music sheets.

Vocals: Tada Aoi
Lyrics: Maeda Jun
Composition: Maeda Jun
Transcription: Animenzzz
Music Sheets:

This is a test…

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I swear it’s a test! Does it work, does it work?!

Why yes, I am still blogging here. Ah, the life of the unemployed. An excuse to rant about this spiffy song/anime!

Brave Song

This is a really nice ballad, and I think is the perfect fit for the now finished Angel Beats! anime. I especially love the lyrics. Its slightly depressing, yet uplifting at the same time. Very slice of life indeed. I would DEFINITELY suggest this anime to anyone and everyone. It will make you laugh, and make you weep in one episode. The cast of characters are great and each of them have their own little quirks. The music is very neo-classical (I am still waiting for the OST!) and the animation is just top notch (as expected from kyoto animation studio.)

Hetalia Maru Kaite Chikyuu

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Maru Kaite Chikyuu

This is only the TV size (not really TV cause its an ONA), the full version will be coming later (hopefully). Hetalia ending theme, yeah! I really wanted to do this one because I’m complete obsessed with Hetalia (have been for more than a year now). The second I found sheets for this I memorized it and never forgot it! But then I never had time to learn the full length version. So like I said, it will be coming!

I got the arrangement from Nico Nico:
So thank you very much person!

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