you prat!

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England, why you such a cutie~? /obligatory fangirl happy dance and cheering


Dream: Bus ride

June 19, 2011 § 1 Comment

There I was at the local mall’s bus terminal (it looked much like the bus terminals in Toronto.) I was waiting for a bus to arrive that would take me back to my apartment. I decided I wanted to take a different route, so I hoped on the 9 bus. Normally the 9 bus does go to my apartment, but in the context of my dream, it went straight down the main street. It was just me and the bus driver. The bus driver was a blonde young man who had a strange realistic resemblance to Arthur Kirkland (England in Hetalia). More people got on eventually, in particular this old Asian lady with a bag of groceries on wheels. I vaguely remember having a conversation with him about directions. Being distracted, I ended up missing my stop. So I get off just before the intersection with the Mcdonalds. The sky was pitch black and it was pouring rain. I then proceeded to walk to my apartment.


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You know you are emo, and potentially need help when the only thing keeping you from committing suicide, or killing someone else is a 2D character. Japan seems to share my sentiments in his character CD preview.

Arthur ❤ x infinity.
from pixiv
Awwww~ Arthur is such a cute daddy figure >___<

Happy Birthday イギリス

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Happy Birthday Arthur Kirkland~! ❤

Sadly I did not know it was his birthday until today because it is actually unofficial and assumed. Whatever, gives me a reason to be happy and fangirl over Arthur. But nonetheless, thanks to the friendly people at the Arthur Kirkland fanclub for informing me of the greatest day today! Even though today is the

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