Fuck You!

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Fuck You!

That’s right. Fuck you! It’s an English song. WHHHHHY?! Just listen bro. Just listen.


Bad Apple

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Bad Apple

Great Touhou song. The English dub isn’t half bad either. I really like the structure of the lyrics. Impressive for English translated lyrics because it was originally in Japanese. It also gets nitty-gritty with the frustrations of typical NEET depression. The music video is just as impressive with such smooth stop animation.

I am really enjoying this boom in subculture material. Mainly because its better than mainstream material. Makes me envious that people in this world can still create something worth being amazed about.


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風の音 [English Version]

風の音 [Japanese Version]

This song is a fairly old obsession of mine, but it I still enjoy listening to it years later. A couple of things I like to point out are the unique instrumentation in the song, and how both versions of the song were equally enjoyable. I can’t quite remember what the instruments were, but I do remember that most weren’t common orchestral instruments. I thought that gave the song a really folk like quality to it which, to me, is really neat. Now on the debate with the original vs the English version, I think this song pretty much proves that it is possible to have a decent English version. In this case, the English translation of the lyrics worked extremely well, which is sometimes unusual.

Falling Down

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Falling Down

Because I don’t listen to Western pop music, I actually have no idea who Oasis are. Seriously, I don’t, but that doesn’t matter because what I’m more interested is the really spiffy animation used in the Eden of the East opening. The whole typography style of animation is very sleek and intriguing cause it’s different. Plus there’s more messages hidden in it than your average anime opening sequence. The lyrics of the song are very nice, one because its in English so I understand it, and two because its got a lot of imagery in it.

Anyway, I suggest watching this in HQ cause it is really nice. Oh, and WATCH EDEN OF THE EAST!

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