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I attended the Distant Worlds 2010 North America Tour Toronto concert yesterday. Let me just say that it was epic. There wasn’t much room for commentary, just jam packed with memorable music. Even if I didn’t play half of the Final Fantasy’s I could still appreciate the music Nobou Uematsu composed. I was pleasantly surprised that they performed Maria and Draco Opera from FFVI, Battle With Gilgamesh from FFV and J-E-N-O-V-A from FFVIII. They also included soundtracks from FFXIV, making this performance a first in North America. I wasn’t too fond of the FFXIII selections. I didn’t particularly like the voice of the solo singer for The Promise and the strings section were not nearly as powerful as in the recorded version of Blinded By Light. I would suggest they acquire a solo violinist for that key part of the song. I very much enjoyed Vamo alla’ Flamenco from FFIX. They got a solo guitarist to play along with the orchestra, which definitely brought out the Spanish atmosphere needed for the song. Of course the standard One Wing Angel, To Zanarkand, and Libera Fatali was amazing mainly for the sentimental value. Also, Nobou Uematsu joined the choir to sing One Wing Angel. Which practically made this performance of it that much more amazing and special. I was disappointed that they didn’t do any songs from FFIV. But there is always next time! I am hoping that they make a return, along with Nobou Uematsu. Perhaps next time I’ll even get to meet him!



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Smashing…Live! Super Smash Bros. Melee – Original Medley

Oh snap! The songs of Super Smash Bros. Melee, played by the New Japan Philharmonics is epic piece of gold! The orchestration of all the songs are spot on it is INSANE! Ok, my new goal in my life is to make it into the New Japan Philharmonic so I can get the opportunity to play all the epic music.

You can find the rest of the playlist here: here.

ヘタリア Unlimited

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ヘタリア Unlimited

So epic. I can definitely see this as the opening to Hetalia XD So much skills and time must have been put into this MAD x_____x Good job to the animator.

Don’t Say Lazy

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Don’t Say Lazy

Recently I posted about K-ON, but because I love the ending so much, I am writing another post about it.

So what makes the ending awesome? For one thing Mio’s hat. Really want that hat. The animation sequence that went along with it was cool too. Did I mention I want Mio’s hat? Also the song…the song itself is epic. I can only describe how epic it is with this video/song.
Lance’s Theme

For those who don’t have ears (don’t lie, I know who you tonedeaf children are) first video start from 0:25 then play the second video.
That’s pretty epic. Plus K-ON and Pokemon rhyme, how skillage is that?


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Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete Trailer

Must be seen in HQ

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