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England, why you such a cutie~? /obligatory fangirl happy dance and cheering


Cool characters

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from pixiv

from pixiv

Not recently, but in the past I had a sudden urge to read a lot of shoujo manga. What I noticed was that I was more attracted to the cool type characters, than the supposedly drop dead gorgeous looking ones. I consider tsundre as a cool type as well as the stereotypical lone wolf. When I travel to livejournal or forums, and read comments by fangirls, I realized that this might be a trend….

Maybe because the cooler you are the more you burn scenario.

So happy~

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It has just been released today by Square Enix that Kingdom Hearts Re: Chains of Memories shall be coming to North America in December.

As a Kingdom Hearts fan, I am extremely delighted by the news because I’ve wanted to play the game however could not do to language barriers. If anything, this game has become top priority on my must game list for Christmas. So excited, so excited, so excited, SO EXCITED OMFG!!!! *explodes in fangirl excitment*

For those of you who do not know, Kingdom Hearts Re: Chains of Memories is a recreation of Kingdom Hearts: Chains of Memories for the PS2 which was released about two years ago in Japan, along with Kingdom Hearts 2: Final Mix+. Therefore, the game shall follow the same storyline as Chains of Memories, but in full 3D along with extra bonus.
info: here

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