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I attended the Distant Worlds 2010 North America Tour Toronto concert yesterday. Let me just say that it was epic. There wasn’t much room for commentary, just jam packed with memorable music. Even if I didn’t play half of the Final Fantasy’s I could still appreciate the music Nobou Uematsu composed. I was pleasantly surprised that they performed Maria and Draco Opera from FFVI, Battle With Gilgamesh from FFV and J-E-N-O-V-A from FFVIII. They also included soundtracks from FFXIV, making this performance a first in North America. I wasn’t too fond of the FFXIII selections. I didn’t particularly like the voice of the solo singer for The Promise and the strings section were not nearly as powerful as in the recorded version of Blinded By Light. I would suggest they acquire a solo violinist for that key part of the song. I very much enjoyed Vamo alla’ Flamenco from FFIX. They got a solo guitarist to play along with the orchestra, which definitely brought out the Spanish atmosphere needed for the song. Of course the standard One Wing Angel, To Zanarkand, and Libera Fatali was amazing mainly for the sentimental value. Also, Nobou Uematsu joined the choir to sing One Wing Angel. Which practically made this performance of it that much more amazing and special. I was disappointed that they didn’t do any songs from FFIV. But there is always next time! I am hoping that they make a return, along with Nobou Uematsu. Perhaps next time I’ll even get to meet him!



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Symphony of Psalms: I

Fits well with the coming of Halloween. The bassoons lurking in the back while the oboe and choir haunting. The building of the climax kind of reminds me of one of those epic scenes in a video game, where something devastating occurs to the main character’s horror. The thought makes me realize that 20th century music had a lot of influence on Final Fantasy music especially. For example, Nobou Uematsu’s One Wing Angel is often associated with Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring because of the rigid primitive rhythm in the opening. Perhaps it’s the unique emotions evoked from the expressionism of the music, since the music does help build the atmosphere in which the game environment is set.

Final Fantasy XIII Title Screen Theme

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Final Fantasy XIII Title Screen Theme

Haro, Panda Army General back again. So this is the Final Fantasy 13 Title Screen music. Personally not too please with this, but I wanted to get it over with anyway. Its composed by Masashi Hamauzu, arrangement was done by someone I don’t know (so if this is your arrangement, spam me and I’ll credit you.) I think this piece would have been much better if the actual orchestra part, was orchestral. The piece just doesn’t seem to translate well on piano (or I just can’t figure out how to make it work. Failz.) So I hope you (whoever stalks my channel) enjoy it to some extent.

I don’t think I mentioned this yet but…FF13, good game. You should play it.

Tifa’s Theme

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Tifa’s Theme

Finally recorded this excellent piece by Nobuo Uematsu, arranged by Shirou Hamaguchi.

I just want to say that I took many creative liberties with this piece. For example, for those of you who have listened to the version recorded on the Final Fantasy VII piano collection CD, you will notice that I’ve play it much faster. I felt that for someone like Tifa, a more skip like pace was necessary.

I do apologize if you can hear my pedalling through the recording. There isn’t much I could do about it because the mic was ON my piano this time. I was trying t see if I got better sound, which I did but with sacrifice.

Tsuki no Akari

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Tsuki no Akari

This song is absolutely beautiful. I love the melancholic and almost exhausted feeling this song has. The vocals, done by Ida Emi, really capture that. It’s not powerful, yet not weak either. The simple piano melody definitely draws a picture of the night sky. It kind of reminds me of Chopin’s Nocturnes actaully. A sad lullaby maybe. Apparently this song made it into textbooks even, so I’m obviously not the only one who thinks it is pure art.

This song was originally called the Theme of Love but was then redone for the release of Final Fantasy IV on the DS, which by the way is a great game. Of course when listening to the recordings of songs with this title, it becomes more turbulent and surging. Much less mellow and stagnant.

Oh and while writting up this post, I found the longer version. Yata!

Final Fantasy XIII update

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Recently, the North American and European release date was announced…03.09.10 Only 5 more months!

My Hands by Leona Lewis

君がいるから by Sayuri Sugawara

They also announced the English theme song being “My Hands” by Leona Lewis. Someone I don’t know cause I don’t listen to Western pop music. The sad thing about this song is, its better than the Japanese theme song. Note that I did not say I liked either of them because I don’t. My problem with the Japanese theme is that the song itself is a bad song. Poor orchestration, poor vocals, poor lyrics, the music itself is just bad. The English song at least is better sung, and fits more with Final Fantasy in terms of fantasy like. My problem with the two songs is that its just too mainstream to fit in with Final Fantasy.

Based on the trailers, Final Fantasy 13 is set to be a dramatic, emotional roller coaster and judging by the two chosen theme songs, the ending is predicted to be a happy ending. Therefore, the Final Fantasy 13 theme should be one that is fanfare like instead of main stream love ballad.

One alternative choices I’ve come up with, both come from Tales of Legendia
My tales

I approve of this as the Final Fantasy 13. I mean the entire game is outrageously over the top, might as well put a cherry on top.


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Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete Trailer

Must be seen in HQ

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