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Do all of you live in a bubble or something? Promises are only a reassurance! That’s their job; and like all jobs, they have a boss! Sure promises were made, but you can’t possible expect them to keep them when there’s someone above them making all the decisions. So, now you all feel entitled to an apology? Excuse me, but if everything could be solved with a simple “I’m sorry” we would not need justice and we wouldn’t need to hide our wives and hide our kids! A good example would be in Hana Yori Dango: the main male character tells the girl to wait for him and promises he’ll come back…THEN WUT?! How ridiculous can you get, getting all hot and bothered like that over the only display of selfish behaviour I have ever seen! This isn’t about how you feel anymore, it’s about his own life. How can being apart of two music groups outweight being in a group and doing solo activities and justify labels such as traitor? They are the same things; both relating to a personal career choice. You treat these people as if they’re your boyfriends, in fact half of us probably never met the likes of them and never will. So, where do you get off? You know what, you’re the traitor if you don’t even realize how long the group has been together and how the two of them could very well have left 5 or so years ago along with the other three. You can be sad, I am sad to; you can choose not to support, I don’t plan on picking up another band to stalk either; you don’t have to outright disrespect the two or the agency! Nobody needs that shit.

Haters go home and hate (or turn on your vibrators so I hear noise instead.) The world would be a much happier place without you.



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How can the others face somebody not able to face his own self? Other people must disdain a person who has no interests even in his own self.

Exerpt from Shige’s mini essay. Can be found here


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Sakura Girl

NEWS! I love all of them so much~ Except…what the hell did they do to Yamapi, what is he wearing?! 0______0

Happy Birthday

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Happy Birthday

Music Dump

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化物語×Perfume 恋愛サーキュレーション(Baby Cruising Love mix)

I really enjoy this remix more than its original. I especially enjoy how the lyrics of the original song are written, fuwa fuwaru fuwa fuwarin~. I think this song is what made me like the sound of perfume’s music more because I originally thought it was annoying, but now its growing on me. I managed to play this song on repeat so many times that my roommate can hum along. Yup…

Uragiri no Yuuyake – Theatre Brook

The second I saw the opening sequence I knew two things. One, that I loved the song; two, that I loved the anime. What I like about the song is the sound of it. The drums, and the guitar. The lyrics are very creative too. Plus its something fresh compared to all the other anime opening and endings.

Just be Friends

Another great song, but what I like about it is that its a vocaloid piece. Meaning its an amateur artist. The PV is stunning and excellent, for something fan made. I really shouldn’t be surprised though because there are a lot of creative and talented people on nico nico where the song originally was posted. My only complaint is that if its sung in the males point of view, then a male vocaloid should have been used instead. My favourite part about the song is the art and the lyrics go slightly hand in hand. That’s pretty cool.

Austria and Prussia’s Maru Kaite Chikyuu Preview

And of course I’m going to include this in my music dump. I am in love with Austia’s Maru Kaite Chikyuu because of the orchestral backing. But I’m not going to lie, Prussia’s version is hilariously bad ass! It is very in character of him to just change the song completely. But nothing beats Arthur’s version [/bias].

Sakura Girl

Another obvious song I was bound to post. I really Really REALLY love this song [/bias]. As much as I love this song, I never want NEWS to sing a sad song ever again because the PV literally broke my heart. Seriously, I don’t understand why anyone would dump these wonderful (and hot looking) guys! I’m still happy that they are releasing a new song, so I’m not going complain anymore.

Rolling Girl

Love the animation, love the song, love the lyrics. This song totally describes my current situation, like exactly! Its almost comforting really, but not really…

Darker than black 2nd season

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Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood ending performed live by シド at Music Station. I think they did a really good job with the live, and the song itself is pretty good. I really like the lyrics cause it’s not just unrelated babble talk. I mean why make a title, if the rest of the song has NO relation to it except in the chorus? When I first heard the song, it TOTALLY reminded me of the songs used in Rurouni Kenshin, just in general. I don’t know why though, so maybe I’ll get back on that later…

On the side note: NEWS is also in the video XD

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