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intricate exchanges
mental emotion
vivid imagination
electronic interaction
silly conversation
innocent confusion
unorthodox connection
hidden colouration
rapid circulation
theoretical relation
daydreamer’s realization
meta-physical sensation



November 24, 2009 § 1 Comment

Let the chemicals mix in the rain,
Drown me with the acid rain.

Original scented wrinkly ultra clean,
Tumble me till I’m clean.

With a hint of fabric softner,
Repel me from you.

Sweetie, sort me please.
find my other half, honey.
Cause I’m lost in the cycle.

It was ok

April 16, 2009 § 1 Comment

Another emotastic poem for my impending dooms day! Yah! I’m not really that emo though x___X Although it isn’t really a poem, more like song lyrics. So I have included a bunch of songs that MIGHT fit well with the words.

If you have other songs to match, share please cause I’m trying to broaden my emo song library.




月華- tsukihana

found me

Step behind this curtain,
And enter this crazy nightmare.
There’s no catch, just a warning
So please listen carefully.

This place use to be full of smiles,
And then the flowers began to peel away.
The shadows left,
And the dog never came home.
It went something like that.

Searching left and right,
It was just one big circle.
The world waltzed in this paradox.
And if you ever thought,
It was ok
Then maybe it is best to dissolve

This room had two umbrellas,
And then it became only one.
His hand was taken,
And nobody heard it sang in the rain.

This place had the smell of cake,
And then the milk began to mould.
The tray was cold,
And the love faded away,
It was left untouched.

With everything tearing apart,
And still fresh from the oven,
The salt stings the open wound.
And if you ever thought,
It was ok
Then maybe it is best to fade

No matter how many times,
Blood spills onto the floor,
It can be wiped sparkling clean.
And if you ever thought,
It was ok.
Then maybe it is best…

Those unspoken words never heard,
Because ignorance is bliss,
And everything was rejected back.
And if you ever thought,
It was ok
Then maybe it is best to disintegrate

(still editing)

Separated Hearts

December 8, 2008 § 2 Comments

I’m breaking the habit! Yes, a non-music youtube video related post. More emotastic poetry, yah =.=”” I am such a fountain of emoness. Anyway, cheesy once again, but emoness is cheesy if you think about it.
I called so many times, but nobody responded.
The number of times I heard an echo, was exponential.

“How are you?” “Fine, thank you.”
The neglected lies become truth, and feelings get buried.

It was a friendly conversation over electronic waves.
Yet, the connection we built together was only artificial.

Laughing and smiling in this place where I belong.
Yet, I live alone in this piece of the broken world. How cruel.

“Hush! Be silent,” and the butterfly flutters past me.
“Speak words from the heart,” and I went unnoticed.

I dreamt of an idealist who gave me a star.
But then I realized the sad reality; I was a stupid dreamer too.

Wanting to see myself, I looked in your eyes.
But I was being silly for your eyes were not mirrors.

It was never meant to be a secret.
It was discrimination against emotions that made it that way.

Then tomorrow comes, and the sadness grows.
It was constant finger pointing that made my existence an error.

Should I run after you, or stand still?
either way, nothing will change.

Angst and Emo

October 1, 2008 § Leave a comment

from pixiv

Feeling a bit angsty, so I’m posting a poem I’ve been working on for a while.

The same track repeats
With a song of unknown identities
With a song of memories
With a song of worries

The same tragic story
Running towards Reaching out
Danced away Desirable passion
Calling a name Crying a tear

The same rhythm beats
With a thump of unbearable pain
With a thump of stains
With a thump of chains

The same dark stalker
False feelings Foolish thinking
Annoying topic Always silent
Love not equal Looks away

The same ignorant eyes
With a view of the fool
With a view of the unhurt
With a view of the everyday

Thinking about those dreams
Beating hearts shadowed
by unobservant people

Note: This poem is actually a riddle, if you can figure out the riddle, I will give you a brownie.

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