Dream: Harry Potter, the fail Pokemon Trainer

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I had this dream on the weekend, so a bit late.

Harry Potter was having an identity crisis, and thought he was Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town. He wanted to evolve this generation V fish pokemon (this) into another generation V pokemon eel thing (this). But he’s a wizard, not a pokemon trainer, so he sucks and somehow it evolved into a metapod. Then there was a pokemon battle, and Harry wanted to use his metapod because he was delusioned to think it knew tackle. So metapod’s skin tore open and exploded and died.

Suddenly we were trampled and carried by crowd in black jerseys. Apparently, we were now at this stadium for a wizard’s volleyball game and Harry is no longer confused (and stops hurting himself?) We meet up with Ron at the bleechers, and we sit and watch all huddled in a black fleece blanket. The black team scored.

I woke up on a bench parked between two bookshelves, with the wall behind me. Apparently, I was at a funeral home because Ron’s grandmother had passed away. Ron decided he wanted to talk and tell us his family story while driving around town. Harry agreed to drive. Once driving, Ron began to point out all the neighbourhoods his family lived in. I commented on how tacky the houses were. They reminded me of my grandfather’s old house and my mother’s friend’s house, but vibrantly coloured.

We then met up with Hermione for lunch. It seemed like a cafeteria, but it could have been a diner. I don’t really recall much other than she did something really cool and then said “I’m a witch and a bitch deal with it.”

The four of us wanted to stalk someone. So we pulled out the invisibility cloak and threw it around us. But instead of seeing through it, everything became dark.

In the pitch dark, I could feel myself leaning against something. There was a slight huddled feeling to it, so I opened my eyes. I found myself in my apartment sitting on my couch with the black fleece blanket wrapped around me, my cat on my lap, and someone beside me. I turned my head to see who it was and then the lights turned off.

Then I woke up for real.


You know you’re old when…

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You know you’re old when you played the original Pokemon Red and Blue on a Gameboy.


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BE IN AWE OF THE GLORY THAT IS THIS VIDEO! Totally peed in my pants the first time I heard/watched this. :/ Best part, when he did battle with red. FFFFF that was hawt.

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Don’t Say Lazy

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Don’t Say Lazy

Recently I posted about K-ON, but because I love the ending so much, I am writing another post about it.

So what makes the ending awesome? For one thing Mio’s hat. Really want that hat. The animation sequence that went along with it was cool too. Did I mention I want Mio’s hat? Also the song…the song itself is epic. I can only describe how epic it is with this video/song.
Lance’s Theme

For those who don’t have ears (don’t lie, I know who you tonedeaf children are) first video start from 0:25 then play the second video.
That’s pretty epic. Plus K-ON and Pokemon rhyme, how skillage is that?


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Video Game Live: Chrono Trigger

Haven’t posted in a while…so I posted a bunch of videos to make up for it.
First video is a live performance of the second opening of Gundam 00 S2 by stereopony. Decent for an actual live performance (no lip sync and alterations.)
Second video is again, a live performance of the song 気まぐれロマンティック by いきものがかり. I thought the performance was done well. I enjoyed how the audience kept clapping throughout the song, usually I’d just stop after a while…lol
Third video is a video from VGL in Kitchener, Ontario playing songs from Chrono Trigger. I believe this was on the friday performance, I went on saturday and it was stellar listening them to play one of my favourite video game music (even though I didn’t play Chrono Trigger XD) Much better than what they played last year. It was much of a surprise as to why they didn’t include it in the concert line up EARLIER. This year I got to meet the guys, get their autographs, and requested for more Pokemon~! So I’ll keep a look out on youtube for pokemon videos.

Pokemon Remix

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So I haven’t talked about Pokemon in a while. But in light of the fact that Pokemon Platinum is going to be released in 22 days (I think) and because this guy is amazing, I decided to post some of PokeRemixStudio’s Pokemon remix. They are all AMAZING! Even the ones I don’t know (which would be the Ruby and Sapphire shit.)

Goldenrod City

Azalea Town

Together Forever

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Together Forever

Going back to the 90’s again with a song from the Pokemon 2 B A Master CD. Although the video is an AMV of Ouran Koko Host Club. This song brings back a lot of nostalgia. For those who still remember, this song was played in Pikachu’s jukebox at the end of the episode in the earlier seasons. I remember singing along to the tape all the time, until it drove my family crazy. Now, when I listen to it, I think about how I will be graduating this year. Although I hope to be moving out to the west, I would be parting with everyone, the school that housed many painful and happy memories for about 6 years now, and my family. So I guess this song kind of reminds us grads that no matter what happens, we’ll be “together forever no matter how long. Now until the end of time. We’ll be together and you can be sure, that forever and a day, that’s how long we’ll stay, together and forever more.”

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