Dream: Dragon Ball Movie the Namek Princess

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Had this dream a very long time ago. It was set up like a Dragon Ball movie: random plot premise that sounds good, movie antagonist shows up, lots of fighting till you don’t remember what the movie was about. In summary, there was a namek princess (not too sure how since, if I remember correctly, there were no female nameks) who had lost her “life soul” which took the form of a farm animal. So, Piccolo goes around Earth looking for the animal. His quest takes the Z fighters to another planet where they encounter their enemy and start fighting. Vegeta and Trunks stall for time, while Picollo keeps searching, and while Gohan takes care of the now dying princess. Goku is flying off somewhere and eventually joins the fight. Once the princess is fine, Gohan and Picollo level up. Making it a piece of cake to defeat the movie boss.


Block Option, Please.

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Your highness with a crown;
head soaked in a cotton candy cloud.
How innocent of you to stop by the play pen,
to free the children from their own opression.
Free them of their responsibilities.
I don’t want to bear,
the responsibility of instilling discipline;
the responsibility of you.

Your highness with a crown;
head soaked in a cotton candy cloud.
How unfortunate the opera was cancelled.
There were just too many of you
yelling the same lead lines like the other.
I don’t want to line up,
the number of car collision like spills;
the number of you.

Your highness with a crown;
head soaked in a cotton candy cloud.
How inconsistent of you to cry to the fool,
then delegate chours too.
Its a divine song already heard another dawn.
I don’t want to listen,
the stupidity of that shit;
the stupidity of you.

Lost Princess

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In a posessed daze
she stepped through
and followed foward.

Oh Lost Princess…
With a rusty compass
she casted away
the broken bearings.
Determined filled eyes
she held the pride
his help uneccessary.

Oh Lost Princess…
Was in exhaustion
she had no desparity
but was caught chasing.
In heavy breath
she rested on oak
after running round.

Oh Lost Princess…
“Such hypocrisy!”
she thought angrily
in stressful silence.
Running and waiting
she drowned in
calm contradictions again.

In acknowledgement
she cried diamonds
at frustrating forks.

Oh Prince Charming…
she went that way.
Will you find her?
she was over there.
Or will she find herself?


January 31, 2009 § 2 Comments

(Hope the Japanese is right…)

RYO – World is mine feat. Hatsune Miku & Tissue Hime

Tissue-hime is an amazing bassist from Nico Nico and plays lots of anime related songs. However currently, most of the songs are bass covers for Hatsune Miku’s songs. For those who don’t know, Hatsune Miku is a popular vocaloid (computerized voice program) in Japan. You can find many other songs done by Tissue-hime on youtube if you don’t have a Nico Nico account.

Note: I did not place a gender on Tissue-hime because I don’t know what gender he/she is.

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