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I want to go on a long enough adventure so I don’t get back before the postcard.


Christmas Specifics

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All I want for Christmas is you. Who might you be refering to?


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It’s only when you have it under control that it becomes out of control. Regardless of who holds it, it’ll get out of hand. But it’s all in the perspective: would you hate to see out of control?


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Kim Kardashian getting divorced in 72 days is a good reminder of how marriage is so sacred and deserving of protection from gay people.


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kotoba ja umaku ienai omoi wo kimi ni uchiakeru to shitara nante tsutaeyou?

More Distractions

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An idea is like a virus, resiliant, highly contajous and the smallest seed of an idea can grow. It can grow to define or destroy you.

Oh noes….This is bad bad bad news! Get it out! /headdesks

Appreciate my Honesty

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You’re just lazy. I’m sorry the social world doesn’t naturally revolve around you and you let the fun rush past you.

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