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I put much love into them as I could. So eat them with care, ok?

Yuri knows. It’s all about the love. Oh, so does that make my food tasteless cause I’m a self-proclaimed bitch? lol.


Tales of Vesperia for PS3

April 11, 2009 § 1 Comment

Tales of Vesperia PS3 trailer

Why do they do this to me?! Dang it, now I REALLY want a flicking PS3. I mean yeah, new cutscenes great, I’ll watch it on youtube. But Dual MA?! Flynn as a party member?! Running around and talking to people as Repede (he’s a dog)?! Arghhhh!

6 rants

September 12, 2008 § 3 Comments

Rant 1-
Last post was actually very well timed because in IDC-education for a changing world we are discussing whether education is good, does content matter, and facts. It’s unfortunate that my opinion doesn’t really fit in with the overall discussion people set onto the table. But then again…the topics aren’t really my cup of tea. Which explains the absent of my voice during table discussions.

Rant 2-
Code Geass R2 is the equivalent of Gundam SEED DESTINY. Equivalent in the sense that it got raped by the scripted writer. Though I’ll forgive the guy who wrote Code Geass because the time slot wouldn’t allow him to show everyone what should be Code Geass. (For those of you who don’t know, it is rumored that because the script writer of Gundam SEED DESTINY did not like the voice actors for Cagalli and Shinn, she screwed with the plot. But then again, Gundam SEED was good…)

Rant 3-

Rant 4-
Tales of Vesperia is a very good JRPG and is personally one of the better of the Tales of…installment. For one, there’s more depth. In Tales of Symphonia, the concepts and common sense of the worlds weren’t clearly elaborated, and I feel in Tales of Abyss they were thrown at you at break neck speed as an attempt to clear Luke’s ignorance to the world. In Tales of Vesperia, the information needed just comes naturally I feel. The artwork of the game is gorgeous, and animated really well. The opening theme song’s lyrics are pure genius, and it’s nice that the North American released version gets and English version of the song, instead of the song’s instrumental or dubbed over by something else. The background music works well with the scenes and the overall feel of the game. Though the songs do feel a bit recycled from previous Tales of…games. Gameplay is done well, despite having Japanese button controls (A which is usually X on the PS2 and PS3 is exit instead of enter, and B which is usually the O is the confirm, or X button.) The most interesting aspect of the game for me is the main character Yuri. He is unlike any main hero. Not following the emo, angsty, or the brave knightly prince characteristics of main character hero. Oh, and the fact that you can play as a dog. All the characters in Tales of Vesperia are interesting. Estelle is a princess who likes reading books and knows many things because she reads so much, but is very innocent as well. Rita is a tsundre bitch who is a researcher and as a lot of attitude. Then there’s Flynn who is a Guy look alike, without his phobia for females (which is sad because I loved Guy because he was so freaked out about girls). The villains of the game are also intriguing such as Zagi, who is crazy in a psychotic “I want to kill you” sense, and Yeager who says “ja!” a lot. Overall, great game want to finish it.

Rant 5-
I finally finished .hack//G.U Vol 3 (basically ending the entire series.) The only complaint I have is that if Haseo got his duel guns earlier in the game instead of the last quarter because Haseo’s Xth form is <3. Oh and the other complaint I have is that whoever designed Haseo’s Xth form, should have gotten rid of those dishes on his ass, cause it makes his ass look wide. Not that Endurance minds cause he’s gay for Haseo’s love.

Rant 6-
Tokyo Game Show is coming soon, and I’m excited for all the Kingdom Hearts announcements.

That’s all for today.

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