Ready ready ready for the take off!

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Take Off!
Anime ED ver.

2PM PV ver.

So take this screencap and compare it to the dance sequence that starts at 1:06.

ROFL! That is ridiculous XD What kind of marketing scheme is this…trying to get the otaku’s to buy Korean music now because they all do ridiculous dances? This is just hilarious when you compare the two, because the anime version looks pretty silly, if not cool, and then the real ones are so retarded looking.



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One of my favourite Axis Power Hetalia MADs. There are many reasons as to why this MAD has gained such a high place in many fans hearts. For one thing, animation is solid for something fan made. Song choice was also excellent. Although I am not too familiar with who is the artist, I have to say that it is a very nice song that definitely reflects the feelings when one parts way with a significant other(s). I guess that’s sort of how I feel about graduation. Back to the MAD. I guess another reason why its one of my favourite is because Arthur is in it! It is really interesting how the artist interpreted the American Revolution, and the relationship between England and America. It was less, Americans were unhappy and just decided to spite England but more it was time for them to leave the nest, like how many other nations felt at the time where nationalism was very important. Lets just say, the relationship seems more mutual than how the textbook or any teacher would explain it to be.

Anyway, I purposely found a video with English translations because the lyrics and the animations go hand in hand ish.


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Video Game Live: Chrono Trigger

Haven’t posted in a while…so I posted a bunch of videos to make up for it.
First video is a live performance of the second opening of Gundam 00 S2 by stereopony. Decent for an actual live performance (no lip sync and alterations.)
Second video is again, a live performance of the song 気まぐれロマンティック by いきものがかり. I thought the performance was done well. I enjoyed how the audience kept clapping throughout the song, usually I’d just stop after a while…lol
Third video is a video from VGL in Kitchener, Ontario playing songs from Chrono Trigger. I believe this was on the friday performance, I went on saturday and it was stellar listening them to play one of my favourite video game music (even though I didn’t play Chrono Trigger XD) Much better than what they played last year. It was much of a surprise as to why they didn’t include it in the concert line up EARLIER. This year I got to meet the guys, get their autographs, and requested for more Pokemon~! So I’ll keep a look out on youtube for pokemon videos.


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Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete Trailer

Must be seen in HQ

Ring A Bell

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Tales of Vesperia “Ring a Bell” -piano version-

Really pretty remix of the Tales of Vesperia theme song “Ring a Bell” by Bonnie Pink. I really enjoyed how it’s in a minor key, making it more melancholic. Anyway, I am very excited for tomorrow because that’s when I can start playing Tales of Vesperia again~ yah! The game is AWESOME fyi


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Here is a selection of my favourite openings for this fall season of anime series.


This opening is really catchy, and gets my spirits up.


I like the song. It’s a happy song, and I really enjoy watching this anime too XD

Gundam 00 S2

UVERWORLD! what more can I say?

Tales of Abyss

It’s the same song from the video game, but still an awesome song

Bleach OP9

I love the video that goes along with this video. Hitsugaya >

This season’s openings are impressive, but I find most of the endings are lacking which is odd cause I usually end up liking the ending more than the opening x.X

There are so many new Anime series this season, don’t know how I’m going to keep up XD
Note: title is part of the lyrics from Clannad opening.

Ore wa Gundam

July 29, 2008 § 1 Comment


More news in the Gundam 00 Season 2 second trailer

Miyano’s “AMAZING!” was hilarious. Mamo-sama <333

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