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Do all of you live in a bubble or something? Promises are only a reassurance! That’s their job; and like all jobs, they have a boss! Sure promises were made, but you can’t possible expect them to keep them when there’s someone above them making all the decisions. So, now you all feel entitled to an apology? Excuse me, but if everything could be solved with a simple “I’m sorry” we would not need justice and we wouldn’t need to hide our wives and hide our kids! A good example would be in Hana Yori Dango: the main male character tells the girl to wait for him and promises he’ll come back…THEN WUT?! How ridiculous can you get, getting all hot and bothered like that over the only display of selfish behaviour I have ever seen! This isn’t about how you feel anymore, it’s about his own life. How can being apart of two music groups outweight being in a group and doing solo activities and justify labels such as traitor? They are the same things; both relating to a personal career choice. You treat these people as if they’re your boyfriends, in fact half of us probably never met the likes of them and never will. So, where do you get off? You know what, you’re the traitor if you don’t even realize how long the group has been together and how the two of them could very well have left 5 or so years ago along with the other three. You can be sad, I am sad to; you can choose not to support, I don’t plan on picking up another band to stalk either; you don’t have to outright disrespect the two or the agency! Nobody needs that shit.

Haters go home and hate (or turn on your vibrators so I hear noise instead.) The world would be a much happier place without you.


Dream: Shopping

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Was shopping with Yamapi until my roommate rudely woke me up. Enough said.


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There’s nothing unusual about how gorgeous these two look in this PV. The second Yamapi got screen time, I swear I saw my life flash before my eyes! Yes, it was that hot. Seriously, the dance was just epic, good thing there was an interlude. I am so pleased that despite only being a feature, Yamapi was able to make a significant contribution! Anyway, catch this interesting collaboration PV FAST before the companies take it down. Of course my opinion on this PV is completely bias because of my obsession with Yamapi, but if you are into Amuro Namie or Yamapi at all, you don’t want to miss it.

/unbias deconstruction
Song has some strong beats and it flows nicely for a pop-techno mash. I don’t picture Namie doing this kind of song often though…I figured it might have been because she was collabing with Yamapi. But then again. it’s only recently when Yamapi decided to be more club oriented with his music. When I originally heard the song, I couldn’t hear Yamapi at all! He is just a feature, so of course I shouldn’t need to hear him. But now that I see the PV, I realized that he is very much apart of the song, which is strange because he’s 100% autotuned x___X Not totally surprised cause compared to Namie, he’s not much of a singer lol. It would have been nice if his vocals could match her’s in strength instead of getting an ass whooping :/

In terms of dancing, Yamapi has definitely improved: everything is a lot sharper, fluid, and stronger. Yet, the chemistry between the two was so off. For example, whenever they turned their head backs, they never actually look at each other. Most probably because they were both filmed separately and then spliced together, urk! During the rotation sequence where they were back to back, it would make more sense that they are looking towards each other because in most of the other scenes, they are back to back. For a song that deals with a lot of exchanging of lines, it is imperative that it is reciprocated in the choerography! If you look at them individually, it is decent. But when I step back and watch them together, I get awkwarded. In certain sections Yamapi was too reserved, and others Namie was all over the place. This could have been easily solved if they were just FILMED together.


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He’s wearing something pink like; his hair is similar to the old hair style I loved; the song is old school…Totally suck me back a couple of years. It’s been AGES since I’ve heard this kind of sound from Yamapi, and to see his wretched curly hair style GONE FINALLY! Yamapi~ ❤


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Sakura Girl

NEWS! I love all of them so much~ Except…what the hell did they do to Yamapi, what is he wearing?! 0______0

Koi no ABO

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In celebration of the coolest person in the world’s birthday, a PV…

Koi no ABO

Happy 24th Birthday Yamapi~!

Omedetou Yamapi

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Yamashita Tomohisa (23) from NewS, graduated from Meiji University Commercial Science department today. He attended the graduation ceremony with 30 other students at the college facility.
“I made all my fans worry about me, and finally I can graduate today. ” he said, looking at his diploma.
“This diploma is filled with all my effort I spent for the past 4 and a half years.”

info: here

This is great news from NEWS member Yamapi. I find it amazing how he managed to graduate when he had to juggle both a full time job (being an idol) and a student.
Official video here.

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